What is bipolar disorder? – Helen M. Farrell

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The word bipolar means ‘two extremes.’ For the many millions experiencing bipolar disorder around the world, life is split between two different realities: elation and depression. So what causes this disorder? And can it be treated? Helen M. Farrell describes the root causes and treatments for bipolar disorder.

Lesson by Helen M Farrell, animation by Uncle Ginger.


Kyan Doody says:

At 2:59 I like that they added the black spot optical illusion to make you feel like your brain is going "haywire"

Lucy Moonshine says:

Fuck my doctor, this man knows everything.

Tarun Mathew says:

I finished monument valley this is nothing

Emileitor2005 UVSans says:

they literaly made the dots ilucion in secret, like if you noticed it


gr8 vid, but what about anxiety in bipolar?

needmoredef says:

ok this is one of the best ever

Kimxy A says:

He said the same line as the other video 😂

oopsy444 says:

From someone With this.

Thank you

nefersbedjieb says:

Thank you for explaning and sharing.

Naughty Hotdog says:

Make sure to really listen to the part at 4:12 about treatment

Twisted Fate says:


Carolyn Brathwaite says:

I hate it when people pretend they have mental illnesses because they thinks it is "cool" . Just no. It's not cool for me..

LewdMusicGirl says:

Honestly, I'd settle for those ultra-high feelings of joy at any time. Come at me I'm invincible. lol

Ely Potter says:

Please could you do a video on Social Anxiety vs. Social Awkwardness? Lots of people don't know the difference and claim they have one when really they have the other.

Rose The Rose says:

Omg I have no Bipolar disorder but my Friend has one

H3O PaperBag says:

Can kids get it

masih mirmohammadi says:

the animation was so good

Kittai Kat says:

So I'm bi polar? ._.

Rosey TDM says:

Dope a meme XD thats what I heard

Randy Me says:

i cried in my mind

Adam Phlemon George says:

This is how I feel

Doublehooks says:

yup I'm bipolar

Page Marie says:

i think i have some of the signs …

Militant Pacifist says:

You don't need medications when you have marijuana as well as you can meditate and do yoga.

Meme Boi says:

Sia has bipolar

Uziel Rodezno says:

2:50 uhhhh your trick our brains!!!!!!

Jimmy Obada says:

support is the surest cure

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