What Depression Feels Like

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Dealing with Depression can be hard and a struggle. I hope this video about Depression sheds some light on what it’s like. Would you like to see one on tips on how I deal with my depression?

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Thank you so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed this video about dealing with depression. Let me know if you’d like to see a motivational video with tips on how I deal with my depression! Love you!


Mubeena Wahaj says:

I've seen a hell lot of depression videos and this was the most relatable one

Rick Sanchez says:

No its not what it feels like

Cola Godd says:

I wish people knew that sometimes it's not easy to put a smile on your face so why force it?

Northern Downyee says:

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, self harm, suicidal thoughts or anything else. I believe in you and you are amazing. Even if u arent a part of the clique i like the idea of saying these two words to anyone who suffers from any disorder or mental illness stay alive because in the end it is worth it. So again i believe in you and i hope you can stay alive❤️

April Pritchett says:

your boyfriend is very supportive in this video he reminds me of my husband when im depresssed as well

April Pritchett says:

point of this video

Burst says:

I like her but

genoveva amaya says:

That's Feeling depressed. Having depression is different because it lasts more than a few weeks or months until you commit suicide

Kurstin McQueen says:

I'm having a hard time finding the point of anything .. Literally dying of boredom everything just feels empty, unapealing and it makes me angry and ansi.. Doubting I'll ever be happy for long. I'm going to school to be a teacher. I want to do that, if I can make it? I don't want to be in a gas staion forever and be seen as a failure, I don't want to be a failure!! but I'm just not eqquipped to be better in life. I want to hide, I don't know what I'll make it to be in this life.. or if i'll ever FEEL. I don't even want anything for myself just to please others is what it feels like .. I don't want to care about money .. This is all for someone else. ugh nothing will ever fix the way I feel. I have a lifetime of this and its really hard to keep going.. I'm having a bad night so i had to talk to someome .. But i feel like this .. And i cant even tell what is wrong sometimes. . but its just this life. . I guess you just keep going and happiness will grow … Remember I am human if you reply… I've made incredibly good choices and not so great choices in life .. been through quite a bit. Not that I care about any criticism, I've already thought of a million things while writing this.. I don't talk to people easily , or get to express often, lonely but alone by choice . I am who I am and I'm hurting

*Under* *cover* says:

When they tell me call the depression hotline , I do then they make me fell worst AND THROW MY PHONES NOW I HAVE A NEW ONE⚠

Jozie C.C says:

so like…can i have a puppy?

Noname says:

1:14 – this is where I started crying.Fuck……. 🙁

Im depressed too. 🙁

That Self Love Tho says:

Balling right now because this is exactly how I've felt my whole life 😪😪😪💛

TJ Rumler says:

So simple, yet so accurate. You nailed it. Thank you for this video. I will use it for friends who don't understand me, and clients who don't understand their loved ones' depression.

Moupiya Sawoo says:

It brought tears to my eyes…

Emmie Tsor says:

I wish I had someone to hug me and help me get through this. This how I feel everyday. This is how my life is.😞

steVENOM says:

Too bad I have no one to hold me so I’m just stuck sitting in the corner sobbing

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