What’s It Like To Have Bipolar Disorder?

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How do people cope living with bipolar disorder?

How Creativity and Mental Illness Are Linked ►►►► http://dne.ws/1lgxAkB
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Bipolar disorder: New MRI imaging provides new picture, new insight
“Using a different type of MRI imaging, researchers have discovered previously unrecognized differences in the brains of patients with bipolar disorder. In particular, the study revealed differences in the white matter of patients’ brains and in the cerebellum, an area of the brain not previously linked with the disorder.”

Bipolar Disorder: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
“ Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition characterized by periods of manic and depressive episodes, interspersed with relatively normal states of mind. The unusual shifts in mood interfere with one’s ability to carry out a normal daily life.”


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Ally Fuentes says:

When people self diagnosis themselves win bipolar disorder. I had to be told by a psychiatrist that I was bipolar.

Donny Debonair says:

She's trying really hard to appear like a credible news source. Like a reporter on TV.

clip load says:

didn't sleep for two day, I feel just fine

ladyish lee says:

I inherit bipolar disorder, sadly. I struggle with it a lot and feel as if I am a bother sometimes, but other times I am nice, funny, sweet, and caring, but when I have an episode I will scream, kick, cry, hit my head against the wall, I take medication, but I am getting better all the time. I was treat at age 12, because my parents didn't give me mental help until then (when I try suicide), and they still don't understand but I help fix myself. I am 13 now and started treatment plan. Thanks for reading (sorry if I mess my English not my first languag)e

XxAboodiNaharxX 88 says:

you are HOT!!!!

iiWaffleii says:

Today I asked my brother to move off the couch ( I was in a normal mood not happy not sad or mad) when he says that's he's not gonna move I immediately slap him and than I'm in a bad mood. Idk if this is bi polar disorder

Darkemperor101 says:

If you think your bipolar chances are your not, get a medicial diagnosis like me

sasosaso3000 says:

Living with Bipolar disease is like being on a roller coaster. There is no middle ground. You are either elated like you are on a drug or you are so depressed that you literally can't get out of bed. I have tried to kill myself 4 times in my life after severe depressive episodes. I have also been so elated that I haven't slept for two weeks strait. The most important part is medication. When I'm on my medication I occupy the middle. I had a 25 year long career on Wall Street where I was a derivatives trader dealing with high end mathematics. I did very well but at the same time for most of my career I was unpredictable and erratic. People called me eccentric. But the truth is that I was unhinged. I have the scars on my inner forearms to prove it. Bipolar isn't a disease that people should be ashamed of, it is a brain imbalance that can be easily treated with medication.

Dan Leigh says:

wow i reckon if you speak any faster you could catch on fire…

Hugar 34 says:

I got bipolar from my moms side, so I can understand how people can't control there emotions, my mom has a really bad case of bi polar where sometimes she goes on full meltdowns about things, and she always blames it on family members and friends, sometimes its really hard to snap her back in reality, and that doesn't help my mental state, but me and my dad are helping her all the way, I just hope my bipolar doesn't develop into something I can't control, because while I go on rampages, I always know when I go to far, so hopefully it doesn't get to bad

Todd Metzger says:

Why not ask someone who lives this hell? She was too cheerful. Bipolar – the type I have – is sometimes you're really good. Like you get all excited about things, you get energetic, and optimistic. But then the low hits out of nowhere, or something can bring it on for months. Sometimes you'll be happy, then depressed, then happy again just from a conversation. Some people think you're weird from the mood swings, or some think you're an emo (their words). The highs can be great, but they're short lived. It does hurt your daily life, especially work. Because if you get super depressed out of nowhere at work, or a manic episode hits, you either work too slow from the depression – or can't work at all – or you do things that you weren't asked to do and some managers get irritated by it. And if things that gets others in depressions happens to you, you sink. Like I once was in bed for a week straight (mostly slept) and barely ate. I guess my point is, you can talk about what's it like living with it till you're blue in the face, but you can't understand till you have it.

Lets Talk says:

Great video. i made some bipolor and ghost videos, check them out dear!

Wanted For Arson And Fraud says:

I get so hyped up thinking or dreaming about jumping off buildings, taking serious risks while crossing the road particularly during rush hour telling my sister & 5 yr old nephew I wish I was fuckin dead ive bashed my own face in several times over the yrs it eventually goes numb resulting in serous injuries – its a real rush
been in outpatients several times done a few nights in the psychotic ward been placed in restraints a number of times – that part you'll have fun the doctors give u a sedative I have no idea what's in it but I can guarantee you'll sleep like a baby within 2 minutes max lol

Toy Abby says:

ooooook someone made a bipolar meme……f it

The kitten Lord says:

I have bipolar

YeeThatAva M8 says:

… After watching this I'm like 99.9% sure that I have bipolar disorder

Sloths Cry Too says:


The Rapis says:

I found out I'm bipolar today,but I think its too late to fix it..

Mr Green says:

Bipolar in a nutshell (to me)

I am invincible!
No one thinks I'm strong…

Yes my crush likes me back, she's mah bae now!
She doesn't reply anymore, she had enough of me…

My B-day tmrw!
No one cares about me…

(> x <)

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