Reagan Myers – “Depression Is Funny Like That”

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safaa altamimi says:

my voice telling me there is no place for me here 🙁

A Fantasy Of Mine says:

"if I get out, I have to be a person again" that hit me really hard.

Chantelle Benedict says:

This is amazing

Queer Kyra says:

" When people ask me how I am they might as well be asking where I've gone." no truer words have ever been spoken.

Never Mind the Gap says:

Sad to see so many people relate to this beautiful poem.

MissUnsicher says:

Thank you for finding the words I lack.. I cried so hard at that. My friends know I have depressions and still, for them I am the most humorous person there is. Joking, laughing, all the time especially if I want to cry.
"There is no place for me here" is a sentence on repeat in my head every time I am sad..

Dopkas A. says:

I'm going to be listening to this on repeat. For putting words to feelings that are hidden, but need to be talked about brava to the poet and bravo to the platform. Sincerely, thank you.

andrea nicole says:

This whole poem is described to a tea! One of the beat ways to bring how depression may feel to many as well as myself. Very, very well said. One of the best.

SPcamert says:

I didn't want to laugh at this. I wanted to be sad. But it's just so fucking real, that it becomes funny. It becomes this defense that I can't control. I see myself in the mirror and I can't do anything but shut my eyes. And when I laugh I close my eyes. And I cry. And sometimes that's the best way.

Piper Cassidy says:

It makes me happy that there is 4K likes and 4 dislikes

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