Bipolar Disorder

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Jeffrey Applebaum, a Family Medicine physician at UC Davis, presents an overview on the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder in the primary care setting. Series: “UC Grand Rounds” [5/2011] [Health and Medicine] [Professional Medical Education] [Show ID: 21035]


depwater12 says:

My ex-wife had this. The mood changes became a nightmare to deal with. I called a quits. Some of her mood changes would happen in less than 6 hours.

Katia L Foust says:

I wish I had found this six years ago.

Sanghee Kweon says:

Thank you very much for your great information. I have been watching your video. Please do more lectures on psychopharmacology.

Nakasasama says:

When I was younger I was on Mellaril 25mg 4x daily and tegretol 100mg 4x daily. All I can say is the meds where crazier than the illness.

Raymond Warren says:

hello myname is chris and I just down all the time

Laura Villalobos says:

I wish you were my doctor.

Maddie C says:

My mood changes everyday from euphoria to deep sadness and sometimes even anger. I'm just tired of this daily switches. ūüôĀ

markdask says:

As a bipolar (II) I found this video very informative / inciteful. Thanx for uploading ūüôā

Leandro Albuquerque da Fonseca says:

by the way, im bipolaaaaaaaar with 625mg Li + 50mg Quetiapine + 150mg bupropion + 4mg cloxazolam daily. I think I know somw of the subjeeeeeeeeect!!!!!!! Peace to all of yoooooooouuu!!!!!

Leandro Albuquerque da Fonseca says:

Oh, my God! I do have a vagina in my neck!!!!

Ronnie Evers says:

I have been a hairdresser for 39 years,,,and was told I'm bipolar,,,(hypo) about 2 month ago,,I'm on lamotrigine,,up to 75 mgs a day.. I love my friends,,,but I hate being around people…,,and with my job,,people think I want to hear and solve their problems,,,I dread going to work everyday,,,everyday,,,its like pulling teeth,,,Its to the point that I get sick,,,anxious,,,and even panic feeling,,,I don't like feeling the way I do,,,I use to like being around people,,and love my job,,,I guess after 39 years,,,its time to change jobs,,,because I am sick to death with the stressors,,,of people thinking I can,,or even want to hear their drama,,,I have enough of my own,,,sometimes I really want to tell some of them,,to shut the hell up,,and get the hell OUT…

Paul Flint says:

Come on people go shake that tree, yes we can shake the family tree, sing it with me….

Adam Bernier says:

As someone with Bipolar Type 1 I would like to thank you very much for preparing and presenting this, Dr. Applebaum. I hope many GPs watch and absorb this material.

jayjohnston1 says:

Dr Applebaum was incorrect when he suggested when assessment reaches Bipolar vs ADHD the next step  is it a mood disorder vs. cognitive disorder. ADHD is much more than inability to concentrate. The most problematic clinical feature is inability to modulate emotions, and more simply impairment of impulse control. Bipolar patients will give histories of severe or Major Depression while ADHD very often causes depression but not commonly Major Depression. Many patients suffering from ADHD will not have any significant history of depression. Another difference is Bipolar is episodic  i.e. "mood swings" and often normal mood in between. ADHD is a condition that is not episodic.. Patients with ADHD have a neurologic disorder which can cause psychiatric symptoms but symptoms are related to impairment of level of functioning which is due to areas  of brain involved in impulse control, motivation, and working memory not functioning normally due to genetically  induced lack of normal or full development.

beatriz daniels says:

Definitely I don't like Psychiatrists all the time are crazy and Unstable ! Locos ! 

Amelia Kane says:

Thanks for the info. I am a patient taking sodium valporate. I aslo have ovarian cist syndrome. Good to know I now need to stop taking it asap. 

nick trow says:

thanks uctv.

FrankATracy says:

Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals containing natural lithium is all I've ever needed to take care of, what was, severe Bipolar Disorder. I just add it to all the water I drink and to the ice cubes. It costs me less than $30 a month and no doctor or prescription is necessary. I get mine from a company called Youngevity, but it may be available elsewhere.

Builder99 says:

Dr. Applebaum  was very informative especially regarding drugs for Bi-polar patients. Thank you for the information.  I have been taking lithium citrate for about 30 years and now in Canada it is being discontinued.  I find this VERY upsetting because I cannot take the lithium tablets.  I drink much too much  liquid with the tablets.  Any thoughts on what I should do ?   Marilyn

Susan Miller says:

Mehmet Salih Bayramoglu, I just read your request to hear from someone who has been diagnosed and living a full  and productive life.  I was diagnosed 2 years ago after suicide attempt and 30 days certified in hospital.  My life was shattered, job lost, family shocked.  The combination of medications, good self-care, education and life purpose has resulted in a fuller more enjoyable life then pre-diagnosis.  I had no idea how much energy it had cost me being more easily upset, taking longer to recover, and in the interest of behaving as a responsible adult,  managing to interact in ways expected despite how upset I often was.  Now I understand how others do it.  Amazing! I am trained as a Certified Mental Health Peer Specialist Trainer and lead groups through 10-week recovery journey sessions, where we all learn how to progress on our recovery.  

I hope you have found some answers since you last posted on this site. 

jeremy stein says:

I'm interested in the role of electrolytes in the pathogenesis of Bipolar: potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium.  Electrolytes are acquired through the diet.

Javin Gibson says:

Get out with that nonsense fool.

Dr. Wayne Manzo says:

When will the truth be revealed? We human Gentiles are being invaded by a super race
of Telepathic, Mind Controlling, Psychopaths that control what we think, what we desire,
how we feel, etc… They are telepathics and can talk directly to your brain. They can make you feel good, feel terrible, they control our thoughts. Please, tell the truth, we human Gentiles are being played with by a Martian Klan race or Golden Eye-SS-Real Mossad race of psychopaths. Medicate the Martians not human beings.

Randall Gentry says:

I'm reaching out to all who are dealing with any kind of mood disorder. There is no need to continue to deal with the torment. I'm receiving testimonies every day of how peoples lives are being changed. There is hope. No matter how long you have dealt with this. No matter how many drugs you have taken in the past. It's time to put an end to the torment. put "drug free" in the subject heading. Look forward to being able to help. Thanks. Randall

Tim Kasey says:

Funny how this guy assumes that the root of the problem is to give pills to the depressed person. Never once did he acknowledge some sociopathic boss, or parent is mentally abusing the person. I would encourage viewers to search for bullying in the workplace. This guy should get a real job, and have real world experiences with sociopathic bosses. He is out of touch with reality, and has delusions of grandeur. He believes his own nonsense.

zeus storm says:

17:30 that's me

TheTwilightEmpire says:

I saw The citizens commission on human rights (CCHR) mentioned in the comments on this video and feel I have to comment. I want to warn all people who watch this video to stay away from these people. The cchr are a front organization for Scientology, they are at war with psychiatry for their own shady reasons. They will not help you, they will only make you worse. Do not listen to their propaganda.

M7777B says:

Where did youget this info from cause I gad ahair analysis dne and has high in heavy metals and have bopolar


so you are unhappy suicidal but leveled at the same time so you don't do anything handful to yourself which in the long run effect us cause were the ones that are going to hav to deal with it….


I found out that the real actual meaning to bipolar is a chemical imbalance in your brain/ body which you have very high toxic level of heavy metals in our blood which no government doctor was able to even come close to explain that to me all they said was we need to put u on your own individual dose of of medication which basically means mask the problem and dope you the fuck up

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