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The MOST HELPFUL & validating advice I ever heard on how to live with Bipolar Disorder.


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What NEVER to Say to Someone Who’s Bipolar:

Memory Loss & Brain Damage in Depression and Mania:

Dating Advice for Bipolar Disorder:

How to Feel Close to God:

“Welcome to the Jungle” By Hilary Smith BOOK I MENTIONED:

Song I used as intro/extro music is called “That Ghost” by Megan & Liz: (I highly recommend their EP!!)


russ graff says:

I used to get beatup for too big biceps! Whats missin from the Law? No one is punished for FALSE WITNESS, MALICIOUS. GOSSIPS! HOMOS GOT DEATH PENALTY? SO DID GOSSIPS, LIARS!

russ graff says:

Re: exercize mania, the more work out, the more manic LOVE makes sense? More to display, conspicuos? Mo cyclical behavior?

scarygary says:

What's wrong with your jaw?

Marisa Morgan says:

What if bipolar isn't real

live healthy Movement says:

I just came across your channel and started watching your videos, I was recently diagnosed with bipolar after being checked into a mental hospital, I can totally relate to this video along with a lot of your other ones, still trying to figure everything out, while not trying to obsessed all night and day about it and trying to learn as much as possible about bipolar. Im on medication now but i kinda of don't want to take it but know I should, only because when im manic im super productive. Keep the videos coming.

Lauren Farmer says:

My mom underidentified me for years before I was diagnosed when I asked if this was from a bipolar mental illness

Catherine Bourgeois says:

One of my therapists said once "If you feel like you're not feeling bad enough to get help, you definitively need help."

bee elle says:

I literally paused this and bought the book you mentioned and came back half way through. I've known I was bipolar for a long time now. My father is bipolar, so I grew up knowing a lot about it. I feel like, despite that, getting my own diagnosis I went through both sides of this – obsessing over every character trait and every detail associated with bipolar and then almost at the same time questioning if it was really bipolar or if I'm just REALLY off my rocker and it's not "just" bipolar or even bipolar at all. Still kind of in the limbo between. I have a degree in both nursing and psychology, it's funny because sometimes my underidentifying has to do with – "Well maybe I know too much about bipolar now, so I'm presenting my symptoms to HCP in a way that of course they'll diagnose it as such, but it's not aaaaactually that, not aaaacutally true." I don't know if that makes any sense but it TOTALLY made sense watching this video!

Strat58cat says:

I think you are helping others in similar situations.

klumpy666 says:

Her is some advice……. Bipolar is a made up disorder. Dont get me wrong some people have mental disorders and some if not a lot of people go through depression. But how you are "diagnosed" for bipolar is, not a blood test or xray but with a conversation. but the "medication" given is hard core narcotics that usually CAUSE depression and suicidal thoughts and also negatively interacts with your bodies chemistry. Does that seem right to you?
Just look at some side effects of lithium
Frequency not reported: Confusion, tics, hallucinations, delirium, worsening of organic brain syndromes[Ref]

The worsening of organic brain syndromes was unrelated to dosage.

This is what we give to people who are depressed? ask yourself why do we give something that can make u depressed and confused to someone who is depressed and confused?


LizziesAnswers, whats the tune at beginning, its so happy

Joshua Neace says:

I saw that the public library has the book and I requested it.

Richard Clark says:

Newly diagnosed with bipolar i love your videos it helps alot

Cannaman says:

In 8 months I had 5-7 massive mood swings. First 2 weeks major depressive episode then 3 months nothing then one day again major depressive episode (two days moderate, one day extreme) and after that hypomanic episode of two to three days, then depression for three weeks but cyclin between hypomania several times per day.. after these 3 weeks of depression hypomania for 2 weeks and then again 3 weeks moderate/intense depression and then 1 week of hypomania which rocks btw. after that i experienced neutreal state for 2 weeks and yesterday had a really depressed day and today it is hypomania again.

Also i didn't know about bipolar until i saw one of your videos, and yes maybe i am overexaggerating or maybe i don't i really don't know.. I would go to doctor but i'm afraid i have it for real and then i couldn't get any job… What do you think?

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