Moodswings e Chrissie Hynde – State of Independence I, II, III

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Martin LK´s speech was cropped. Copyrights, sorry.


dornravlin says:

one time before i moved back in with my folks my roomate got drunk and tried to light him self on fire i played this song and he cried and went to bed

Faith Slaughter says:

Peaceful and Tranquil:MMMMMMM

blake dinger says:

This is the best and just plain relaxing mix. I used to drive from the twin Cities to my hometown in Wi listening to this album, it would end as I would get to my destination. Great driving music. Thank you. Blake

Aweta Noah says:

thank you 😀

svenjacobsen says:

Still awesome

Lis Joner says:

Musica lindona!

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