Moodswings ft Chrissie Hynde – Spiritual High

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Paul O'Reilly says:

This has to be THE greatest record never to reach the top 40 – absolutely criminal. Should have been top 5 at least. Utter class !

Charles Kuske says:

Where can I buy this album (again)?

nancy warren says:

This song closed many a rave in Greensboro…so many good memories

Claudia Ramirez says:

Love music & lyrics wich is rare takes me to erotic experience had once …😃 ya…

luis says:

Chrissie Hynde en su mejor versión. Inigualable, mejor, peor? unica, irrepetible!! ¡Que bestia!

Ashra Tempel says:

Mossad in action!

Joy Monserrate says:

Chrissie Hyde has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard

Joy Monserrate says:

Greatest song ever fell in love with this song after watching single white female

Klimaat Konijn says:

John Anderson is the singer-songwriter. John & Vangelis

Joe Tutokey says:

Nice, until the MLK part…bleh…

Helcio Costa says:

I Love Chissie Hynde!

Helcio Costa says:

I Love Chissie Hynde!

Nedzad Ramovic says:


Klimaat Konijn says:

Vangelis? You mean John Anderson of formerly YES.

Emily Alp says:

It's everything.

Valentena Upton says:

Single White Female!

Valentena Upton says:

Beautiful excellent

Stephanie murria says:

So glad I found this song. Been searching for years. BEAUTIFUL!

joe Dyer says:

what a great job to shoot as Director of Photography for Kevin Godley at Medialab

Mar Blox says:

This is Chrissys best work.!!!

ROB YNWA says:

Love this version more than the original by Jon and Vangelis

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