Could You Actually Have An Anxiety Disorder?

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Anxiety can drastically impact your life, but just how common is it?
Watch more: How Do You Know If You Have Depression? ►►

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Life Noggin says:

Hello friends, thank you for watching! If you want to know more about mental illness, check out our video on depression:

Graham Best says:

Is arachnophobia an anxiety disorder or just instinctual.

Lai M. says:

I know this is irrelevant but hey dear YouTube commenters can you answer me a easy, straightforward question that is complicated to explain? Thanks

So this is about photosynthesis.
Me and my friends are arguing which of the setup is control and which is the experiment. (More specifically in the experiment testing whether carbon dioxide is necessary for photosynthesis.)

Since most of you have already done this experiment I'm shortening things below:-)

Flask A
The flask with water
Result: iodine solution turns blue black

Flask B
The flask with sodalime/potassium hydroxide/sodium hydroxide
Result: iodine solution remains reddish brown

My friends think that this question is easy peasy, the one does not get the variable (carbon dioxide) is the setup so flask B is the control set up.

But I did some research and here's what I found:
Control set up can only increase the reliability of the result, often through comparison (which I can say is not necessary at all?Idk)
Experiment is a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact (so you can get the result from the experiment?)

I think flask A is the control setup since it provides a comparison but you cannot directly see the result from it while flask B is the experiment because you can clearly observe that carbon dioxide is needed
Thus I found four evidence from the internet showing that I'm right but my friends ended up saying EVerYtHinG oN tHe INternEt iS fAke (._.)smh

Thanks for reading so am I right or wrong?
How can I prove my friends are wrong if I'm right tho.
Repost this to any science related YouTube channel too please?

Brahmadh Vanshi says:

Yeah I have it , but don't know to get normal 😶🙄😫

Caitlin Kun says:

I have anxiety over starting new jobs like it’s sooo bad and once t starts it never goes away not even breathing properly and it last for months on end I try to tell myself it’s all in my head but I can’t seem to calm down I had to quit these jobs and felt better afterwards Bc I get depressed and suicidal if i day (I also attempted to take my life before) that’s what motivates me to quit. I think it’s from trauma in the past when I got kicked out of school and getting fired around the same time. Since then I never been the same

Ms.Oinks Alot says:

I️ have anxiety and depression I’m in the 4th grade…Life is really hard

Miguel Torrellas says:

It actually helps me saying to myself "you are safe, you are safe, you are not in danger, etc…"

Sedrick McNeil says:

What if you never use the bathroom.

Jaelyn McCaskill says:

Can u do a ADHD video by the way I love ur videos and I love inspireing u to make more videos

squad 1101 says:

What’s life noggin during the holiday

Life nog

Octo Poetic says:

I get anxiety when I’m in math because the teacher randomly calls on us without having us hairs our hands

Paris Meshell says:

Do a video of "why does it rain"


I should consider seeing a doctor about me possibly having social anxiety

Alex Latin says:

Life Noggin can you do more space videos

Mark B says:

can you make a video of trichotilomania

crooked tv. crooked tv. says:

Why do we have bags under our eyes??????? Shout out my name

Danny A says:

welp. Guess I just have minor anxiety.

LBxavi108 says:

plz make a video on what would happen if there was no dust in the world

W3irdoFourtino says:

It’s great how my school really couldn’t care less about me, I have 2 major anxiety disorders. Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety disorder. But I have a friend that lives in a different country and she doesn’t have nearly as much disorders and ect. But she gets days off school and I still have to go… well I guess sometimes God really hates me, who am I kidding He ALWAYS does 😂

millie Reynolds says:

I’m a infp and have anxiety! Xxx

Zachary G Reed says:

Smoke or eat weed

Prankster Gangster Homie Hero Brian MLG says:

I want to learn how to bring dinosaurs back to life

Rhiannon says:

I think something that a lot of people don’t understand about anxiety is that we don’t all experience it in the same way. I’ve been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder for 5 years and I am very outgoing, confident, and I have that “teaching voice” that can carry throughout the room. Basically, I have hardly any social anxiety, and because of that a lot of people discount my claims of having anxiety. Nevertheless, I still panic over vey minuscule problems, break out in hives, have breathing problems, dizziness, and so many other issues when I’m not on medication. The same goes for others, they may not feel general worry, but socializing may be a difficult task to face. Anyways, I just wish that we could all accept that anxiety comes in many forms and that even something as small as a phobia is anxiety and that their disorder is real.

Baileyando says:

Social anxiety in school sucks.

Staliy TV says:

Guys i just remember ….that i had last month a Anxiety Disorder…. No joke!

Marijn Zeeman says:

For people that are afraid of surtain social situations. When I'm panicking in a social situation I'l keep on saying to myself: I'm funny, I'm handsome, I'm awesome. Or something close to that. It works great for me. You should try it.

Scar HD says:

Can you do a video on gluten

Jonathan Torres says:

I think I have anxiety disorder 😶

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