Raj Shah Stress Relief At WH Press Conference

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Killerscorch117 says:

Borrow more than a trillion dollas that was hes more worried about

sebastian B. says:

important videos got deleted but is this the new revival?

Fern Gully Fairy says:

could we jump inside black people play demolition derby

Kat Saboteur says:

"Life hack: Spin a fidget toy to forget your life is also spiraling out of control".

overlukk says:


[GD] CamPhatLa says:

How can a donut be this epic?
Btw 2600th video Kappa

Hoopalover9876 says:

This instant regret playlist is getting on my fucking nerves

TEM GOD says:

this is important videos remastered

ShyGuyAnimatedGaming :o says:

This bitch talking about trillions of dollars worth of taxes and this mofo just spinning away.

EninE says:

2600th video!

MasacoMike says:

i dont regret whos with me

Poopsicle Fudge says:

I don't regret anything

Silver says:

Is it or is it cut?

Camille Abby says:

is this the important videos v2?

TêvEŕøasțiőn exe has stopped working says:

I though they stay in 2017

Bishop Anderson says:

It's King Raja in disguise

the pacemaker says:

Has anyone said "nice" yet?

IonlyPlay Katarina says:

Saw Fidget Spinner at 0:01
Regretting it already

GodsBadAssBlade says:

I'm 1 second in, and I'm already regretting this decision

Sad Skeleton says:

I’ve never hated and loved something as much as I do this.

(Except for myself)

Rice Chrispy says:

Is this the new and improved playlist of the “important videos” playlist?

Chris Norris says:

when they finally let you do the job and you realize just how much it sucks

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