MGTOW – She’s Threatened by Your Self Improvement

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Each person that comes to MGTOW comes to the philosophy at a different stage in their life. Today, I will handle an email from a 21-year old that is receiving some red pills although he is still in a relationship.

To be frank, the red flags are endless. They are not small red flags either, and clearly, as a MGTOW I do not endorse dating relationships. To boil down the talk today, the main discussion is around the idea of her being threatened by your self-improvement, and all of the dangerous red flags associated with it.



numbereightyseven says:

The most freeing thing in my life has been developing the skill / confidence to say "no". Men, if you can't yet say "no", then you're at risk. "No", without any explanation or justification or negotiation. Everywhere I go in the circles I associate with, I'm seeing / meeting guys whose lives are being ruined by a women. Society is teaching and encouraging them to be greedy delinquent devious cows – and they're embracing it. Men, YOU are in charge of YOUR life. Do whatever it takes to get over your inherent niceness and sense of chivalry. That isn't enough to save your life when you're around the women of today. I never used to see it this way, but it IS this way.

numbereightyseven says:

That guy needs to run a mile, or his life is going to be ruined. Pack your bag and leave in the middle of the night, and move cities. She's the bait and the trap. I'm sad to think of where he'll end up if he doesn't take an immediate and drastic step.

Depri Joseph says:

I just want to say thank you,ive been red pilled for awhile and didn't even realize it till I stumbled across mgtow on youtube the later end of 2017. Now that I have the red pill eye its almost overwhelming to see that all women look at us as an atm,so now I've learned to play the game and they're scared, they try to see what makes me tick or try to get a rise out of me by shaming and when they see its not working they flip,these are the women I am forced to work with other then that I don't get them any attention.

MR M.I.A says:

knocked up my Ex twice
I was a giant uneducated cucker.
First time She told me she was on the pill& I believed her Lol
Second time we had just had the first baby & she wanted sex I was scarred shitless
Of having another kid. She proceeded to tell me her doctor told her she couldn’t get pregnant right away
I believed her
Lies boys
all women Lie
It’s a trap!

MGTOW Lawyer says:

man improving himself is like a woman who is getting plastic surgery

she's right to be freaked out LOL

ohbogey says:

I present to you all the MGTOW anthem, released in 1989:

Minimum Range says:

I'd tell her to fuck off in a very rude manner. I suggest you text her with an extremely rude long text telling her anything that is wrong with her and then block her.

ohbogey says:

Hold up, she has no job & dropped out of 10th grade? Say no more!

MGTOWFacts says:


Makrin Kira says:

Lol he's with a girl who dropped out of high school, and text's her ex's OMG dude run away, HONESTLY WTF ARE YOU THINKING MAN????

OMFG the cucks drive me crazy!!!

Angel Michael says:

Having sex doesn't make you a man- even though it seems to be a right of passage for many young men today. Dogs have sex too but they only do it cause it is a biological imperative. We as humans are higher creations than dogs. As a Christian, i know what the bible says about premarital sex. Thank God i'm an old fart and not a 21-year-old with hormones raging so dealing with sexual drives is not that hard at my age- I'm 52. If you are a Chrisitan and deal with church people wanting to know why you are single be prepared to answer back with scriptures to counter any arguments they have against your being single and celibate. I always says I'm single and celibate cause God said so and if you have a problem with that take it up with God on judgment day if you dare. That usually shuts them up.

derfo20 says:

Self improvement…Ok, this is somewhere where I admittedly fail. FUCKIN' HOT WINGS AND TACOS!!!!.

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