If You Suffer From Social Anxiety Then Watch This

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I have had alot of problems with Social Anxiety ever since my teenage years. Hopefully this video is able to help someone out there πŸ™‚

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Who Am I?
I’m a 21 year old massive mistake who tries to entertain the World and make your day alittle bit better πŸ™‚

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Love you all my Kings & Queens!


Pedro Henrique says:

i recommend that you watch ASMR videos! They bring peace and relax our Minds
and Souls!
You could make some ASMR videos, btw! I think it be sooo good!!😻

Abia-kyarna says:

great video absolutely amazing I think I have this but I don't really knowπŸ’πŸŽ²

Brian Steuerman says:

Thank you so much for this video. The fact that you and everyone else in the comments shares a similar problem to me is very reassuring. One of the worst feelings I have is thinking I am behind everybody else who seem to have social skills all figured out and stuff, but the truth is I’m not alone πŸ˜€

sofiatorres says:

i think anxiety is leading to suicide ✨

Billy Hammond says:

The bit you explained about walking into a room with 10 people was explained perfectly.

Jana Halaska says:

<3 thank you!!!

Douaa Laa says:

please , do morrocan language challenge.
and don't forget, WE LOVE YOUUUUU😜😜😜😜😜

Moon Child says:

Wow this really helps me alot.I have social anxiety for a long time
i don't go out much I don't have alot of friend's its so hard to get rid of it. I watched this entire video everything you said in this video about social anxiety is true because it's happening everyday in my life.

Heather ! says:

are you harry styles

Celina Ryen says:

tusen takk for at du snakker om dette<33

Melissa Nelson says:

I've had social anxiety and depression since I was 11 I'm 27 now. This was so helpful, I love watching your videos because your energy is extremely positive. It really makes me happy to see you so happy. Your like a awesome life guru or something lol. Everything good coming your way you deserve it all. God bless you famπŸ’œ

Maya Styles says:

Am I the only one that do not care about other people opinions

sosis ve salam says:

I can't even get on the bus

Anabel C.S says:

Esa musica me recuerda a los 90 electrΓ³nica serΓ‘ ?? πŸ™‚ saludos

Kaylee T says:

I'm watching this the day before I perform at contest for cellos and it helped me a lot πŸ’™ thank you

Rayne Romaine says:

Same ….. at this point I don't even have any friends because each time I enter a new class I just talk less and less, now I'm not talking at all.. and even though no one gives a fuck about me it still feels like they watch my every move…

siredtoharley says:

yes what a bitch

Troller Cheesemet says:

Fucking idiot nothing new to watch.. fucking disliked… You talked about this at least twice before… You;re boring… Yo have gotten much worse ever since you stopped school…

imed lefifene says:

don't give a fuck what others think about you dude, love yourself & love what you see in the mirror

Julia Mayakovskaya says:

How about to get a psychologist?

StarlightGirl says:

Social Anxiety is so annoying, i hate it so much

Faith says:

My favourite video of yours. Nothing beats an honest person who uses their experiences to help people. Social anxiety is something you can conquer/be on top of.. speaking from experience!

Eyes of Lynx says:

Yeahhh Jarl!! Being positive, just a bit of me.. when i was younger damnn i was so embaresed in public doing weird things that my freinds plans .I am still shy in talking to girls.. yeah but still i am less like hidden in my corner, i accept more but sometimes i need to look at myself so i can like.. dislike of myself but the more i get older the more i get better and more confortable about the things i do and i look more in the people eyes πŸ™‚ probably not much my problem now but still helped me your positivity. Thx Jarl!! πŸ˜‰

MarinaDoulis says:

THANK YOU for addressing the difference between Social Anxiety (the disorder) and casual social anxiety. They're two very different things. I related to this video so much. I had to drop out of school for over a year, I lost all my friends (literally) I stayed in my house every single day. And every day I stayed it made me feel worse, but also made it harder and harder to leave.

Mathias sandvik says:

God damn!!πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ€ͺ

Breyererbest says:

I needed this kind of video for this weekend, thanks !!

jai cool says:

all the very best for whatever u are trying

Udo says:

love u man.

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