Bipolar Rapid Cycling. Filmed as it happens.

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I filmed myself going from depression into mania. You can find me on Facebook here : If you need support you can join this group :


BasedLordJorffy says:

hey man, please try video games, when depression hits, getting lost in my favorite game gets me out of a dark place, if u need a buddy to show u the ropes my gamertag is my name on here

Mikayla Stephens says:

I have Ultra Rapid Cycling! It was awful; Thank you for making this video to bring awareness.

Ashleigh G says:

As someone who has type1 and doesn't cycle rapidly it's interesting to see the symptoms cycle so quickly. I get manic episodes but rarely know it's happening unless someone points it out and they last for days on end.

nosey person says:

Have you ever tried Ayahuasca….it could be a great help to you…you should look into it

Steven Darke says:

god bless this man

killboi207 says:

I swing low most of the month, then I have 1-2 days where I feel like a golden god. Then back in the pits. This is WITH medical treatment of lamotrigine. One time, in a mania, I closed my eyes but felt I could still see the environment around me, I walked, closed eyes, from one side of my house to the other without bumping into 1 surface. About 50 ft. I felt like a god. Very strange and hard to assimilate.

awcouey says:

Sorry buddy but you can shift that quickly. You most likely have a personality disorder.

Sam Cooper says:

Wow. I experience the irritability correlated with a heightened awareness and sensitivity to light and sound. I did not realize this was a part of my manic depression.

PIEPIE says:

Bro. Read Pete Walker: CPTSD From Surviving to Thriving. Rapid Cycling or Flashbacks?

Jason says:

All mental illness is a product of your own mental state – that of which you are in control of. Think about it: Why in the world would you be feeling ecstatic and in a great mood talking to a camera when you don't feeling like doing anything? You're DOING a video shoot when you DON'T want to – why would you do that to yourself? Expecting a different result? To magically become happy? This is true to madness my friend, but the good news is that it is completely controllable. Never share your weakness unless you want to join the weak. Practice stoicism my friends. I swear that I will one day abolish the foul idealogy of mental illness. Stop believing!!! Stop victimizing yourself! Stop taking the blame!

Jade Haj says:

I am bipolar. Thank you. Love

Ulukai Azgard says:

This actually raises awareness in a very meaningful way. Thank you for making this video!!

Vladimir Stroganoff says:

I can go from smiling and full of bliss to being torn between killing myself and everyone around me, not that I would do it or that i want to do it.. These are just dark thoughts that I can't control. So I know how you feel, keep on fighting.

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