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SNAPCHAT: AnnaTaughtYou


TheVioletchild01 says:

Be ready for the low, lows.. as do they come with the high, highs… your about to embark on a crazy ride

TheVioletchild01 says:

Im bipolar and I used to love the mania. Once I went through my period of medicating with lithium I dont have it anymore 🙁

shaun2011sc says:

Thank God you're getting the help you need. This world would be horrible without you.x

Norest says:

Dont forget that this therapists are paid to diagnose you with this words. Being slightly bipolar is not a disease. Its completely normal to have few months when you lack energy and few months when you have high energy. You can call this depression and mania if you want. But thing is that as long you can control it you dont need to start taking those numbing medication they like to prescribe you.
Psychiatry is a business. Thousands of years people managed to live without all those meds and there is no reason why we shouldn't be able to live without them now.

Makaelee_Anne says:

omg after watching this im experiencing literally the same symptoms but i think im making myself go crazy so im probably just gonna brush it off

Angie Anaya says:

Anna I think I may be bipolar and I don't want to do what I know I have to do.

McKenna Oliver says:

I got diagnosed with anxiety & depression when I was 15. I have manic episodes/phases so often.(currently up at 4 in the morning watching your video) I felt like no one understood. I avoid going to get a proper diagnoses on what makes me manic. I've done extensive online research & am pretty positive I have borderline personality disorder. Thank you for sharing, Anna. Its so interesting to hear about other people's mental health stories. Make me feel less crazy & weird. Love you😊

Lala R. says:

I really do consider you as a guide or an online parent, if that makes sense? Maybe this isn't the right video to comment such things but, you've thought me so much about mental illnesses and gave me the opportunity to gain even more respect for people that suffer from similar diagnosis, and especially because I've been on a spiritual journey, you've opened my mind to various branches of exploring my journey, Ik everyones journey is different and the awakening process won't be the easiest but I'm so happy I can have a person like you who I can relate to, and I'm only a teen so I'm just trying to build myself and strengthen my self esteem and so, anyways… Thank you 💜

Stacey Sabot says:

Gotta fucking love being Bi-Polar it’s sooooo much fun isn’t it?!?! I’m sorry but also not sorry that you now realize how it feels. I know that sounds messed up but most people do not realize it when it’s happening to them or have a certain vision as to what it’s about. Thank you so much for making this video and speaking up about it so maybe some people can recognize it in themselves. I have to get to that point as well, realizing what I was doing and going through and that all this time it’s been bring up to me and I literally never believed that was me. Xoxoxo. Your an awesome person and I loves ya !!!!

Ally Boyd says:

Thank you for this. We all love and support you endlessly ❤

Mateo Morales says:

Anna you are so brave recently my girlfriend has been struggling with severe depression. I try to be there for her but she wont talk to me. I really dont know what to do. Please help me im worried i will lose her😢😢

TrippyXjojo says:

You’re amazing wow

Fairy Potter says:

I haven’t been diagnosed with bipolar disorder but I see a lot of what you’ve described in myself, I barely sleep, I’m never able to concentrate due to an active mind, I often talk so fast I’m practically Busta Rhymes, there’s so much. I also avoid my doctor like the plague, so maybe I need to make an appointment.

Elia g says:

i knew she was going to say she was bipolar. she is so brave

Inspiring Alien says:

Anna, do you consume caffeine? If not then ignore this lol, when I was under treatment for my psychotic depressive episodes in the ward some bipo patient talked about it a lot, that it doesn't do well with mania or mixed episodes. Thought it might help you to decrease or quit caf. I have depression but because of my New uplifting meds I'm considering quitting caf too… It can increase stress & anxiety too. Damn i love my coffee though… 😅😆

Erin Corey says:

This is amazing

Makaelee_Anne says:

i got diagnosed adhd, major recurring depression, bulimia, soxial anxiety and i have been on effexor xr 75mg for quite a lot of months now as well as Adderall xr, but my mood shifts have been alot worse and im socially isolating, some days i will just be in a depressed mood, some days i have major extreme mood shifts like high highs and low lows, i dont know why i feel the way i do but thank you for sharing your story. i love you anna

Shauni Bockstaele says:

You’re so amazing for sharing this!! If you ever wanna talk, hit me up!! Keep your head up beautiful

Bobo Viaje says:

I’ve questioned God, existence, bullshit lies since I was 3. It’s caused anxiety and panic attacks since. I’ve lived with that until one day panic attack sent me over board. Couldn’t smoke, couldn’t do nothin. I learned this is message from higher dimension, and lost truths starting to increase energy in body. I learned from this that bout 90% of what we learn is false indoctrination, that sicknesses and diseases are not physical until we make them real and just mental prisons we put ourselves in due to trying to only understand this reality logically when we are completely ignoring the irrationality. If u feel that doesn’t make sense you may still be a part of the program. What many call the Matrix. If u suffer from any problem and u read this, seek truth and i guarantee nothing but answers that resonate with you like nothing ever has.

Serena Al Shammary says:

it’s a routine to like before watching now 🤷‍♀️

Bobo Viaje says:

If u are aware, u can begin to heal your self. Once u are aware and if u are depressed or manic (which sounds like your kundalini awakening because you’ve been venting on a YouTube channel for years right? First time seein this sorry) this should have given u awareness of self. Increasing vibrations naturally really. If u can’t meditate through your problems ( you are aware of the problem, you meditate on solutions that would solve problem) if people were more confident, meditation phase would heal 90% of depression and ALL MENTAL CASES. If that doesn’t help, def try psychedelics and/or shamanistic or ritualistic sacred medicine ceremonies. Def will help. Problem Solved, Life Better. Next step. Evolution. Peace, Love and Wisdom

SophusxHoney says:

Anna, there's this norwegian show called SKAM, and season 3 deals with sexuality and mental health, spesifically bipolar disorder. I know sometimes it feels good to see your struggles reflected in media. Thank you for your honesty <3

MyGreenCrystals says:

When you showed the screenshots of videos talking about spiritual awakenings and comparing it to bipolar disorser it shook me. I actually stopped watching for a while because your spiritual awakening videos made me feel weird. You seem to have great support on those videos, but I always felt uncomfortable because to me it truly sounded like you were on drugs at times. But as you said yourself, its hard to say if that was a part of you bipolar or it really was a spiritual awakening. My gut feeling says that you definitely are spiritual in a way, but your ideas and certain topics you talked about in your videos was triggered by your bipolar. Thank you for sharig your story with us!

Z0mbi3Peach says:

My mother has Bipolar I and she's been through hell and so misunderstood her entire life. If there were more people talking about this like you, she wouldn't have felt so alone. It took 17 years for her doctors to get her the correct "cocktail" of medication that worked best for her and she's been doing fabulously since then, about 10 years ago. I grew up with some chaos for sure but my mom is amazing and did the best she could and I never doubted that I was and will always be loved. I wish mental health was talked about more and that the stigma of those of us who suffer from any mental illness weren't always, immediately seen as crazy. I'm excited to share this with my mom because she loves your videos, the ones I share with her anyway. You are the complete embodiment of a "normal person with bipolar" for lack of a better word/explanation. Thank you for sharing this, Anna, you helped me today. I can't imagine how scary this was to experience. I've honestly watched my mom go through many, many, many manic episodes and she did some strange stuff and as weird as this might sound, I've always wanted to know what this felt like, just to understand her more. I commend you for being able to journal all of this, the human brain and it's chemistry is fucking incredible. Thank goodness you have a background with mental health and you're in tune with your body and mind and you knew something was way wrong and you accepted the help you needed. You're not crazy, girl haha, not at all.
Sending you all of my love and positive thoughts, we're always gonna be here for you. 💙💙💙

Nina Gabriella says:

Abilify made me have manic episode, when you’re depressed the change SEEMS like it would be nice but the spending, and the sleep!

Claire Salmon says:

Honestly, I’m so glad you’re coming to terms with this diagnosis. I was diagnosed with bipolar I after my first psychotic episode at 16. I had suspected for a while based on your videos and tweets that you might have some form of bipolar disorder, but I know how hard it can be to see it in yourself, especially when you work with people in that population. Kind of like how some doctors will overlook illnesses in themselves or their kids, it’s hard to be objective with stuff like that. Medication definitely helps, and there are a ton of different options out there. Don’t be afraid to try different things and be communicative with your doc about what helps and what doesn’t. Knowledge is power, Anna, and I think you know this. Bipolar I seems scary but I think now that you know your actual diagnosis, you’ll eventually have an easier time riding the wave because you know what you’re really dealing with. I’ve enjoyed following your journey thus far, and you have all of our support. Glad you’re figuring it out❤️

Anny's World says:

Ok, I defintley don't have that, so why is my honopathic Dose still for that too ? I am seriously Questioning the last 4 years of Therapy, but I know THEY HELPED so who cares ….

Lorna Tw says:

Yup. X It lifts me up to see you continue to keep fighting through anything that hits you and i kinda feel relieved that you are aware of the links now.x. Also, I hope its not selfish to be happy that there is someone who can erase the stigma and misconceptions about bipolar- especially this type! I feel like the only one people are becoming more aware of is bipolar 2 and then still getting that confused with borderline personality.

Emmy says:

Thank you for sharing your story. Wishing you the best on your journey.

Robin Murphy says:

Idk if going to sleep at 3am every night and waking up about 2 times and waking up at 6am is part of my hypomania. Ahahah any thoughts?

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