8 Methods Psychologists Use to Get Rid of Stress

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Psychologists are also human beings with their own stress to deal with. So what do these specialists do to get rid of stress?

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Wanda Jackson says:

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Rz 2000 says:

Can I get a lot of likes for no reason ?

Gina Cerda says:

I use the rubber band every day and write down my thoughts 💭

Arvin Clein Manuel says:

What really like the most is to draw when you are fighting against your depression..

Silent Awareness says:

These would only stress me out more. My channel with me spinning seems to help alot of people more. But thanks.

Kenneth C says:

Be gone thought

Larisa6436 says:

When I get stressed I do smth for charity. REALLY helps!!!

JLknight Etherion says:

1. Yeah, I would make notes out of the blood of the cancerous players in the MOBA games I play

Dx XD says:

"when i am stressed i want to eat" yeah not for everyone when i am stressed the first thing i get it's nauseas so… the last thing i want to see is food

Raghav Bhatia says:

Whats the movie scene on 59th sec

Abia-kyarna says:

wonderful ❄ 🌹

MrBimber55 says:

Just keep calm.

Aashkaa Jain says:

Didnt know the lips one

Layla Mclachlan says:

Anyone have anxiety here

Kim jong un says:

Or Just Nuke

sharvika t says:

At 1:29 could anyone tell me the movie from which this scene is …

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