Faces of Bipolar Disorder (PART 5) “Rapid Cycling”

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What is Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder? What are the symptoms, how is Rapid Cycling diagnosed, and how is it treated? Welcome to the 5th video in our ongoing series titled “Faces of Bipolar Disorder” from Polar Warriors! We’re going to discuss Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder in depth – and this one hits home for me personally considering it’s part of my diagnosis.

If you or someone you care about has Bipolar Disorder, get ready to learn a LOT about the illness through this multi-part series. We’ve already talked about Bipolar Diagnosis, Type 1, Type 2, Cyclothymia, and now we are moving into the various key symptoms and “Course Descriptors” that go along with it. Make sure to check out the other videos in our series (or playlist) so you can learn a lot about what I call “the Bipolar Experience.”

If this is your first time visiting our channel, welcome to “the Polar Warrior club!” We are completely dedicated to helping individuals, families, and friends who struggle with, or know someone living with Bipolar Disorder. Our goal is to provide actual tools, tips, and discuss topics that can potentially help “Polar Warriors” grow to live a more balanced, peaceful, and fulfilling life. We truly hope these videos inspire & educate those interested in knowing more about this serious mental illness. PLEASE remember to subscribe so you don’t miss a video that could impact your life in a profound way!

-Rob Whittaker, Polar Warriors: Bipolar Support


Jason B says:

Where are you in the US it’s Beautiful

Derek Thrash says:

Robert great video as every one I've seen is. Big Nick hang in there buddy I'm nearly in the same boat you are but I'm trying to figure this all out. My wife teaches and I'm strongly considering going on disability because of this as my life is nearly unmanageable now. Great videos Robert I'm gaining a lot of understanding…let's keep fighting the good fight and not give in to this BP crap.

Yuri Takahashi says:

Is rapid cycling only the case for those with type 1?

Michelle Bottone says:

I do honestly hate BPD. I have been a very good patient. I go to my doctor for both psychiatry and therapy. However, I took some antipsychotics. We tried antipsychotics 3 times, and three times I almost killed myself. It was probably the worst moments of my life. I hate the fact that the meds sometimes don’t work, or they work for a while, and then they stop working. Thankfully, I’m stable now, but I still hate the disorder. I would pay cash for an operation to cure this.

Shelly Wilkinson says:

You are amazing. Thank you.

Chris Hall says:

Another job well done!

Ana Bateeva says:

Ultrarapid cycling. That's me.

Billie Clarke says:

I’ve just been diagnosed with bipolar 1 with rapid cycling. I guess I’m unique not weird

Basia Ellmann says:

thank you- your videos are so helpful!

alliterati1 says:

Wow. I didn't realize what happened to me with SSRIs happens that much. It actually was my response to SSRIs that prompted my first bipolar screening.

alliterati1 says:

Being on the wrong medication also seemed to make it worse for me. I've been going through rapid cycling probably since onset, but after my first SSRI (like many I was originally misdiagnosed) it got worse and faster and any time I've tried one I've gone back to ultra ultra rapid cycling….even while on a mood stabilizer. My psychiatrist pulled me off my last AD citing that he'd seen some studies (I have too) that say that even if a person with a bipolar has the problem with depression I do….that being on an AD might be the wrong course of action…even coupled with a mood stablizer. So I've gone to being on that alone…and have done much better since.

alliterati1 says:

You and I really have the same goal. I've been putting myself out there. I don't expect anything back from it…but it would mean the world to me if someone could be spared years of unnecessary suffering.

I definitely wanted to watch this one…I'm a rapid cycler.

Rich Nittinger says:

I was a heroin/alcoholic when I got divorced at 40 because of bipolar. I don't take meds because of the abuse of the scripts,so I drank. now I cant drink because of having hep c from heroin. under treatment for the hep c…its a nightmare and I'm a shut in because of violent history. I stay awake for 2-4 days and am off my rocker with mania. then I crash and will be ok for a few days. I'm am enrolled in the v.a. which is the only silver lining in this but is useless if I'm going to abuse the meds to sleep everynight…..now re-read that sloppy paragraph again. that's my week.

VIZON-ARY productions says:

I have ptsd , bipolar and adhd , and im on stimulants and atypical antipsychotics, but im fucking manic all god damn and crash at 3-4am and wake up at 1:30 shower get to work. But im crippled in the morning i have been off for the past 6 months and im hanging on by a thread what do i do?

justmearlene says:

Rapid cycling is horrible! Today I did not get out of bed until 4pm asked my sister to come with my to get my weekly allergy shot.. on the way back I got very irritated and started yelling at her for no reason she even started to cry and asked me why I was mad and I told her “you know why” but I didn’t even know why… 15 min later we were laughing and singing like nothing happened…. then when we got home i ate a sandwich laid in my bed again got irritated again for no reason and now it’s 10pm I’m exhausted my head hurts and I can’t sleep😒

Rachel D. says:

Thank you for these videos!!! I'm SO grateful for you and your channel!

Noah Martinez says:

I have ultra ultra rapid cycling and it’s terrible lol. And confusing.

Carlos Rios says:

Giving my help to fellow bipolar 1 folks is VERY therapeutic in my disease. Repeat this in your mad life – your bipolar existence.

terri fendley says:

So much valuable info ! I enjoy watching these so much. My biggest problem is that I do not know what feeling “ok” or “stable” is like because I’ve been depressed for probably the longest period of time at the moment

Lithium says:

Robert, thank you so much, this part of the series kinda makes everything makes more sense to me. it even answered my question in the previous part (cyclothymia), some people don't need a long time to change from one episode to another, and in this video i just learned that they do have name for that specification of bipolar which is 'rapid cycling'. thank you so much you really have done a great work, i am now having marathon of your videos.

Charles Maines says:

Another excellent video, Rob. Thanks for sharing, man.

Todd Metzger says:

I'm bipolar 2 rapid cycling with mixed episodes.

Carolann Echebarria says:

You are heaven sent
Thank you so much for what you have done and for sharing.
This series has helped me to educate myself…
MY boyfriend/fiance has struggled for years until he was diagnosed.
And having your videos and finally understanding the illness,has saved us both.
What a labor of love..
Truly God bless***

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