You will never say I WISH I HAD MORE TIME for self improvement

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Self improvement is not only important but it is a necessity. You are required to thrive in this competitive world with more & more skills each time and the only way to up-skill and learn new stuff is to invest time in self improvement. But the million dollar question is, where is the bloody time?
Our lives are jam packed with so many things already and taking out time for self improvement is just so difficult. But is that a valid excuse?
No it’s never a valid excuse to say “I didn’t have the time to improve myself”. But if you look closely at your lifestyle you will discover that you do have time between your schedule. The time we all usually ignore and the time that can potentially be used for a lot of self improvement on a regular basis.
In this video, we have explained three incredible ways to take out time for self improvement. Watch this video till the end and like if you like and subscribe if you are new to the channel.


Get Better Together says:

Re-uploading this video with minor changes, hope you enjoy. Subscribe for more:)

JCFrigid says:

"Weekend Planer" – man, shutup, you sound like you are drugged.

Edit: but keep working at it

The Temp Knowledge says:

Amazing. Keep up the great work!

Saleh Aljurbua says:

thank you
quick and useful

Bikash Rai says:

Great video! Which video editing software you use?

moist faucet says:

does the self improvement means being accepted and follow society standard ?

brian canler says:

Sad music 😞

abdilla daoud says:

Waoo Thanks broo .you really helped me in so many ways ..I will try applicat this three elements ..

Killersimon says:

Man you need a sound engineer. Voice over clips and sound horrible. The big secret: Compression.

Nancy Solari says:

Thank you for relatable and helpful tips! It's true that it's better to do something than nothing at all. Taking small steps can lead to bigger accomplishments and the chance to live full out.

Ena Colly says:

Very awesome. Self awareness. Thank u. Love the tips.

Kyle McMahon says:

What an awesome video! So very deep. Self improvement is so important and so many neglect it.

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