Mariah Carey Comes Out About Her Bipolar Disorder

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Mariah Carey is coming forward to open up about her mental illness. Brett, Grace, Daron, and Jason discuss why this is a good thing. Let us know if you support Mariah.


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Keri O says:

When someone is wealthy they usually will have more access to psychiatrists, treatments, and medication. There's already a shortage of psychiatrists in United States, and psychiatrists are usually paid less compared to other doctors so many medical students will choose another field. So, that means there's problems with overcrowded and many people cannot received out patient within 6-24 weeks. Plus, health insurances can make it very difficult to received out patient care depending on in/out networks… Also, some clinics only take Medicaid/Medicare, or private/work insurance, and/or self payments. Plus, the cost of medications may not be cover by insurances. Currently in the part of Pennsylvania that I lived in there's no psychiatrists (15 clinics) taking in new patients until August/September and there's a long waiting list. There's private clinics but usually cost so much to see the psychiatrist there like $450 for 45 minutes which many people cannot afford (especially if weekly visits were needed).

Max Sharp says:

The woman didnt cure cancer, calm down.

naliuj says:

i wonder if harvey weinstein came out with a mental disorder POP TRIGGER would celebrate him too/ hypocrites

Sunfish OutOfWater says:

I agree that of COURSE celebrities are people & have their own struggles, & of course being in the limelight brings with it some of its own difficulties, but to imply that money doesn’t make dealing w/ most anything & everything somewhat easer in some ways is naive & simply not true. As Trevor Noah states “money = options.”
By no means does it make said struggles easy – not at all – but having money DOES provide a plethora of options that many people don’t have; the ability to access any/ all treatment to any extent needed or desired, to take time off if needed for however long is needed (& not dictated by insurance or sick days…and that’s for those fortunate enough to have any of either!), to not have to worry about losing ones job in order to get needed treatment, to be able to pay for housing & other bills when in treatment or otherwise not working, & other such things shouldn’t be luxuries reserved.for the wealthy but in reality, to varying degrees, they very much are.
Again of course none of these things eliminate an individual’s struggle – illness or otherwise – or make it easy to deal with, but it’s infinitely MORE difficult for those who don’t have resources.

Jacqueline Beaupre says:

Jason- I love you but please do more research. I have bi-polar 2 and almost all of your information is wrong. Bi-polar two DOES come with some breaks from reality. The main difference is with bi-polar two you go from middle of the road to extreme depression, but not extreme highs like bi-polar 1 has. But it can come with psychotic episodes.

Jean Rosa says:

so we're just gonna forget that she allegedly abused her body guard?

idkmybffjill730 says:

More like she was diagnosed with cunt-itus

Katt Stanley says:

Try doing it broke as hell and in a state that has absolutely NO mental illness support and then tell me money doesn't help. Bipolar disorder, diagnosed at 18.


wasn't 2001 when she had that mental breakdown on TRL?

cas4040 says:

I was diagnosed in 2003. Thank you for specifying that’s it’s type II. Most people don’t even know the difference.

Taya Elisabeth says:

Go Justin with the solid facts on Bi-polar 2! And yes, Mariah’s music can pull anyone out of a funk!

Taya Elisabeth says:

Great in-depth conversation!

stephen Wesley says:

Mariah i support Bipolar Disorder have great Friday Afternoon Brett Grace Jason Daron

Susan Hepler says:

Now hopefully she'll be an advocate

Katie Gray Brammer says:

money helps you pay for treatment though. I have bipolar disorder and I can't afford therapy so yeah these celebrities do have an advantage over regular people

Tashi Newland says:

Like thats a surprise. I figured she was bipolar since that mental breakdown years ago.

Red Sonja says:

I too have bipolar 2. With meds it's not as bad. My life before knowing I had it was pretty rough though. I wish I didn't have it.

Sweet Marrie says:

I no longer watch the screen because those eyes… I just listen but you still get my views so you don't care lol

lp black says:

aw mariah was also tormented by tommy matola for years and she has a really fucked up backstory of poverty, rape, and her sister had aids. she was always pretty open about her depression and her lyrics that she would write for her albums were full of stuff about being lonely and sad. she covered all of this in like 1997 on vh1 idk how everyone just forgets what she’s already been through sans knowing her diagnosis. she is a tremendous badass and is literally the reason i didn’t kill myself in middle school bc so many of her songs were so depressing and real in between all the bops. she seems like a really great mother too and in her docuseries i’m pretty sure she would be late to her own shows bc her kids were in need of xyz. also that manager she had for a minute was such a controlling insane person so it just seems like she tends to trust the wrong people and it pushes her further into this darkness of not knowing who she can trust and idk i have always had great sympathy for my homegirl and i’m pretty sure her horrible reputation came about bc tommy matola is so powerful that he helped create this narrative of what a spoiled bitch she is just to get back at her for outing his abuse in interviews. when she lived with him he tapped all her phone calls, had cameras in every room so he could watch her when he was gone, only allowed her to dress the way he wanted her to, and much more. she been through it y’all, idk why her sudden revelation that she’s bipolar when she clearly had mental problems since that trl episode + the long letter she wrote on her website trying to reach out to fans was instantly deleted by her handlers like, whatever it takes to make you realize she’s a person i guess. but something tells me this will be wiped from america’s minds just like her entire story has been for years.

Maria Pichugina says:

Jason loving Mariah even more now that she has come out with a bipolar disorder is mood. We need this in our scary world of today. I personally think I'm bipolar too, but I am afraid to go and get diagnosed, because I'm a teacher and I'm afraid that if the word came out as an official diagnosis I might be cut off from this line of work forever. So I just soldier on, thankfully I have a great mom, very supportive.

U WUT M8? says:

I'm digging that smooth intro

Haile Sanders says:

I love Jason's knowledge on Mariah!

Cesare Borgia says:

Actually if she had just come out with her disease I think most people wouldn't want to be so hard on her. I wouldn't have spent this whole time thinking she's just a immature cunt

lobiapolo2012 says:

Everyone already knew she has mental problems

virgen virgen says:

New pop logo is fugly!!!

Andrea H says:

My dad had bipolar disorder. He was a brilliant musician, back when it was very hard to get discovered. His health deteriorated rapidly and he died in 2002. If he had been properly treated for his mental illness, I truly believe he would not have died then. It is almost like he worked himself to death while trying to achieve his dreams.
Good on Mariah for opening up about this. I am sure it is a weight lifted off her shoulders to no longer keep this secret. When it really comes down to the nitty gritty, we are all just people doing our best in this crazy world.

J Briggs says:

bipolar is like ADD and autism these days. Way over diagnosed. she probably just got diagnosed on purpose as an excuse for her bitch behavior and a way to get publicity.

Gustavo Paiva says:

Skinny legend

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