Depression Understood: What It Is Like To Have Depression

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Depression is one of the most common mental health issues and can strike regardless of your race, gender or age. These people reveal what it’s really like to have depression.

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Zbriu says:

Just remember this. The fact that you are alive means that at least once in your life, you were the best among thousands.

Maryam Naseer says:

I first had depression when I was 10. But what people usually misunderstand about depression is that it's kind of a form of deep rest. You disconnect from the world longer than you usually would because you need to and, while you're resting, you're different in the real world and people see you a bit off. But you are just taking your time to rehabilitate yourself. People may see you less active, more lazy, changes in your apatite, your mood… things like that. But nobody can really do anything about it, it just fades when it feels like it. you can't really do anything about it either, it sort of has you trapped. But you don't fully feel bad or guilty or weak about it either, you just care less about things, and that, in my opinion, is what relaxation is. The problem is that nobody will see it as simply deep rest because they fail to understand. But you step out of it eventually and feel better than ever when it's over. You get by it, even if it feels like you'll never feel happiness again.

Jay Gill says:

am a loney gay black guy with depression 🇬🇧

Jawkohs says:

I have depression It hits me maybe 2 to 3 times a week I smoke weed and I feel it cures my depression make me do thing I would normaly do differnt if I was not sober it helps me get threw hard times even when I feel about suicidal people need to realise that depression is a real thing in people’s life it’s not a joke I cry and cry and cry to a point tears don’t come out no more people would get surprised if I ever told them I had depression we all have some sort of depression it just when it gets triggered it can be impossible to stop hope you guys see this and take mental health issues seriously

En K says:

But… help? ;-;

Izabella Engman says:

I used to be incredibly depressed, 1 year clean and happier

JR Giddens says:

I mean you live and then you die… Once you're gone you're one so make the most of it that's what someone told me and my depression slowly began to fade I just said fuck it whatever happens, happen

Blank Freak says:

I don't know if I actually have depression or just extremely fragile and break down a lot. It's like when I'm not occupied, I can feel the numbness sinking in. I over think when I can think, and my train of thoughts just end up criticizing my self and belittle my self, every time that I happens I feel so worthless, or unwanted, unneeded. Like dust. And that's when suicidal thoughts come in. It hurts so much on the inside that I want it to just end. Or at least lessen the pain. At those moments of time I wish I were numb again. Sometimes I question myself why aren't I like the others. I mean they seem so carefree while I seemed to be covered in a layer of ash. I usually just cried. Sometimes punching the walls or the table, it lightens the emotional pain in those times. Is it a mental break down or depression if those breakdowns happens 2-4 times a week? Or issit just normal?

lisi koshy says:

Yesss…. Even I have gone through depression and so I understood what they said…. But many people who haven't gone through it May not understand that just because they have not experienced it or imagine it sometimes…. Now that I'm fine, I try my best to help my friends, classmates as much as I can no matter how big or small my help is because v all need love and support sometimes to hold on…

Violet K. says:

"You can see the people that love you but you can't feel any of that love" EXACTLY!💔

im a piece of ham says:

this is exactly how i feel…

XenO Gamer says:

I start love my depression 😅😢

TheOne says:

Def Depression():
Happiness = False
Dopamine_level = low
Thoughts = input(negativity)

Lee Jeanna says:

I've been bullied since in kindergarten n sexually abuse since 7 years old. I would not even know those trauma affected me that leads me to depression n suicidal till in late twenties that i have this mental illness called "depression".

Galaxy Melody Games says:

I am broken, sad, destroyed, stupid, sad, betrayed, taken advantage of, not understood.. Fine..

This Golden Heart Of Mine says:

I didnt fight depression
I made friends with it

Emelia Hester says:

This helps alot as a natural solution to depression. Medicinal CBD Hemp for Arthritis, Depression, Anxiety

Prickles Goo says:

This book has saved my life from suicide I HIGHLY recommend.

Katerina G says:

Hello, world
Go and join my page if you need someone to talk to.

Aqmar Jabeen says:

I donor know if I’m depressed but I don’t want say things if I don’t really know it yet because I haven’t confused in a professional.Halfway through last year , there was a sudden drop in my ability to feel the emotion of joy.I thought it was just me being sad but it has been like that pretty much for a few months.I didn’t want to overreact but I knew something was wrong when I lost the ability to want to live anymore and started staring longingly at things that I could potentially use to hurt myself.i started having dreams about dying (lucid dreams?) And mostly I just felt tired day after day non stop.People say the love me,they care about me but all my mind is telling me is that their lying and that I’m not worth it and that the world would be a better place without me in it.Now I have theses times where I am absolutely ok but then I start crying for no apparent reason and then I just sit there crying ,not knowing why and feeling lost.
Should I be worried?

J. D. Enterprises S.A.S.I Movement says:

If any one needs it, my company helps to put the power back where it belongs. We offer a home self-study course or in person one on one sessions, and group sessions if you are in the Stockton area. With the self-study course we still talk live once a week so that you know you are not alone. Any questions please ask, I'm here! to see the course outline. Our ultimate goal is to take suicide off the table as an option and get you living your best life!

Mel Holland says:

I know this video is really old but it made me feel even more depressed when they said they were teenagers when their depression started and I was 8 😭

John Davidson says:

I started feeling depressed at 15 got diagnosed at 17 years old so a year of self harm two years of not eating finally the warning signs made scene to me

Rubavani Thevarajah says:

Posted on my 18th bday lol

gothic skunk says:

do antidepressants really help? Should i be hopeful?

Angle cakes Msp says:

I've had depression for 1 or 2 years now, I'm self diganoused (I can't spell I'm sorry). I've tried so hard to get my parents help, to talk to them saying I need help, that I want to goto the doctor to prove I'm messed up. They never listened and laughed at me saying I don't undrstand, recently I started self harm. I went to a councler because I knew that was the only way that I could truly get their atttention (I do self harm still, its how I punish myself, how I would get my feelings out) and they still don't believe me. My friend has depression to and she's trying to help me (Her mother is the same way but shes going to a doctor to get cheaked).

babysnoops14 says:

Yh! :(. Every time I look at people they r happy!
I don't feel happy, get very lonely at college. Right now, it feel like it not getting better, few days ago I self harm coz it was too much.
Feel like no one understand what I'm feeling or thinking.

I had it since I was 11 years old. Some days I just don't want to talk or do anything.

It seem like most people get it when they r in their teens

Sophie says:

I have depression, social anxiety and Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

I’m 30 and have been this way for as long as I can remember.

Logically, I know I want to get better and that feeling this way is unbearable. But the voice in my head that tells me I’m a failure, worthless and deserve this suffering, is constant and won’t allow me to improve. The moments of respite from it are so few and far between.

It took a really good friend and colleague, someone whose opinion I really valued, to make me take that first step. I saw a doctor. I’m on medication. If I’m lucky, I might get 2 years out of the medication before it “wears off”. I saw a psychiatrist who told me level 3 CBT would help.

Long story short, I have my final level 3 CBT session on Friday and my therapist has told me he has to discharge me as that’s all the sessions I’m allowed. He thinks counselling would be more helpful.

I feel so isolated and alone. I worry my employer is going to fire me. I, genuinely, wish I had never been born. I wish I had the strength to kill myself.

Poppy Connelly says:

The hardest thing is finding motivation to do things even small things seem like massive chores. Literally have been led in bed all day doing nothing because I just don't see the point 🙁

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