On Feeling Depressed

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There remains a huge amount of stigma around depression, but if we look at what an average human is up against, feelings of depression are entirely normal, indeed, to be expected. We don’t need to compound our misery through a sense that it’s either unusual or unwarranted. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): https://goo.gl/4oieGs
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“We’re not talking about the extreme, most paralysing, regions of despair – where external medical help is vital. Our target is rather the times when we feel – as indicated by Henry David Thoreau’s phrase – mired in moods of ‘quiet desperation’: a large, grey hinterland in which beneath an outward surface of endurance, we feel exhausted, close to tears, beyond the sympathetic understanding of others, easily irritated and daunted by the simplest tasks…”

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Allyson Alzate says:

you know its back when you watch these videos…

Steffi Castandillo says:

reality hurts me

weichiang89 says:

Funny how some people just push you passive agressively away especially those whom you have called friends for more than a decade. Those same people that passively stab you in the back and act as if everything is okay yet call you weak and tell you to move on when you speak of your worries yet themselves crave constant attention from peers of whom they tarnish your name.
The people that speak whatever they fancy talking about yet tell you to shush by the time you open your mouth. The ones who steal your ideas and label it as theirs while getting recognition instead of you getting any semblance of credit. Just disgusting really. Some days I just want to lash out and shove it in their face what's wrong and that I like others have a voice as important as any other. But when all this reaches a point of coalesence does depression hit and it spirals out of control.

Alienation says:

I suffered this shit for years!!! And Seriously I don’t know if crying or laughing watching this.
My life in a video XD

Aika Papa says:

We cant abandon our lives ? Well, but our lives can and surely do abandon us !

I G says:

Is this video saying that I should just die to escape?

Kyeong Park says:

That might be touching myself. I'm so stressed out becuz of my ugly face, communal life and so on. Exactly what I said to me is always living in better than you're past. But everytime, I have got stucked into my own dipressed becuz the outside world has a many problems. There, sometimes, many opportunity is still existing into ur life. Just Find It.

rAdiOAcTiVepLum1 says:

I really love School of Life and I've watched almost all the videos. While this video is extremely helpful for someone who feels depressed once in a while, I think the title misleads others to believe that depression can be "powered through." I think this is dangerous because depression is a serious medical condition with messed up chemicals in the brain. While you make this clear in the first ten seconds of the video, I think the title and description can mislead some to believe they can fight it alone. I would recommend being a bit more clear.

Julie Kim says:

It seems like the video is saying that you’re normal and okay for being depressed, but I don’t want to be. I still long everyday for the quench of sympathy and love that I want that seems hard to get because people around me aren’t loving in the touchy and hugging way. I cry when I think about how everyday is so hard but I don’t have anyone’s arms to go to and cry about it

like my comment or you will die says:

This video makes you depressed

Rıdvan Ince says:

There are a lot of mentally damaged people and they all looking for solitions, and they want to feel better when tey watch videos like this. But %90 of your videos are more deppresive than teaching. You are reminding us all of our fears and bad memories all through the video and at the end you are not giving any solutions to the people. You are mostly just "talking" about our psychological conditions etc. and for that reason all of your videos are clickbait videos. This is just my interpretation ofcourse! 🙂

Bobjob Job says:

Islam is the way you can get out of depression hear me out! Islam brings you hapiness amd joy because you are with your creator and if you make dua to him to fix yoir depression he will theirs nothing that he cant do! You probably are thinking to yourself wow thats a lie but I have proof! One evidence of Islam is the Quran it literally predicts so many scientific facts that were discovered in the last century or so and the Quran was written 1,400 years ago. If you need any verses I will be more then happy to give some. And it also predicted signs of The Day Of Judgement. One of them is how Arabs will be competiting in building taller skyscrapers. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest Skyscraper in the world and it was built by arabs and now arabs have plans to build a even taller skyscraper The Kingdom Tower or Jeddah Tower. The word day is mentioned in the Quran 365 times. Remember this was 1,400 years ago and people didnt know their were 365 days. Also the world Man and Woman are mentioned in the Quran 23 times and Men and Women have 23 chromozones. Their are many more examples like this just read the Quran for yourself and you'll see! When you're in a masjid it just feels so good!

Márk Moldován says:

I think the best advice I can give to depressed fellas here is this: Life has no meaning/purpose by default, and nothing really matters, so do whatever that makes you happy.

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