What is Bipolar II Disorder? Mental Health with Kati Morton

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Today I talk about Bipolar II disorder. I know that many of you have asked me to talk more about bipolar disorder and how II differs from I, so here we go!

So bipolar II disorder is when we never have mania. Never! Instead we struggle with Hypomania, which is a lower grade mania with very similar symptoms (like increased goal oriented behavior, pressured speech, decreased need for sleep, etc).

We also must have had at least one (in our lifetime) major depressive episode. Now in order to be diagnosed with having had a major depressive episode we must have an increased or decreased need for sleep, increased or decreased appetite, anhedonia, lethargy, etc for at least 2 weeks.

Now in my experience most people come in to see me or see help in general when they are in their MDD episode. This is because being depressed feels terrible and we don’t like it. Feeling hypomanic is usually something we like because we feel great, are getting a lot of things accomplished and have energy.
I know that many people were upset that I said Mania is something people like, because sometimes it can be uncomfortable. Just like anything in life, everyone experiences things differently. However, mania and hypomania are usually things that people like to have. Mixed, rapid cycling (between mania and MDD), and depression are not comfortable and we want the feelings caused by them to stop.

If you feel that you may struggle with this or any other mental illness, please seek professional help. There are many treatment options out there, and the sooner we seek help the better the outcome.

I hope you found this helpful! Please share this video on any of your social media sites, because the more we share, the less stigma is associated with mental illness. Have a wonderful week!

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Maeve Gallagher says:

have been struggling w awful “depression” for so long. trying to get back to my psychiatrist but we r both busy. its good to be able to understand why i feel so “hypomanic” though. even if i dont have the diagnosis (yet).

mkatseal says:

The thing I'm most confused by is that every professional I've ever seen has given me a different diagnosis. It makes it hard to know what to believe. And how to seek treatment.

Demonicii says:

When i get hypo-mania i don't feel good all of the time. Sure it starts out that way, and i enjoy the energy for a while, but eventually it becomes overwhelming, like an itch or a tickle. By the time I've had a few hours of it, I'm in agony.

Boss Vhok says:

Bipolar ll is me in a nutshell….I''ve tried talking to professionals but get pushed out the door…I've been self medicating hypomania with either alcohol or opiates to dull down …when the major depression hits I'll just cope with it until I'm ready to lose it..I try to boost my depressive mood with cocaine to bump myself from major depression to slightly above normal just to give myself a break…or I'll use opiates to lift myself to slightly under normal, I'm still slightly depressed but in comparison it's way easier to live with…
I can't go into detail how I obtain my "medication". To me that's not what matters, it's the fact that I've attempted to seek proper help multiple times and was shoved out the door…forced to medicate myself with what's available….I've been in and out of jail…guns to my head and shit and I just laughed…the life I lived before I found my wife is terrifying for most people…for me it was normal, it helped me cope with what I was going through, it fueled my hate and intense rage which pulled me out of my extreme low…as long as I had enough hate and pain to focus on I was "good"…Been married for eight years now…no more criminal related violence. I feel empty now, almost all the time..I experience hypomania in brief one or two week periods….I've been living with this since childhood…its frustrating.

TexCyn RV Life says:

I'm hitting a low after several days of a high. I sometimes wonder how my neighbors can stand me? I get silly, say my words twisted, tease others & laugh at way too many things. Then there's the projects. I always have to have a project! I guess that gives me focus? But when I hit these downs, it's paralyzing…was diagnosed BP2 several years back. Now here is something else…I had a grandiose idea that I was…well can't say it, but still feel that way. I do warn my neighbor when I recognize that I'm in my strange stages. And then there's the music in my head that never really stops. I'm on meds. Seroquel for the music – it tones it down for me. Doc wanted to up the dosage, but I declined because it is very strong. There are times I wish I could escape myself!!

Care Bear says:

I was sleeping up to 48 hours during bipolar 2 depression.

Care Bear says:

I would say hypomania can be just as destructive (casual sex, reckless driving) but just not as "pronounced."

Maria V says:

What about rapid cycling? That's when you go from being depressed to hyper within seconds or minutes, according to my therapist lol. That's usually when I know I have to go to the hospital or get immediate help. I can go from being normal to screaming to spending money at the mall to cutting myself all within one day.

Rodica Teodorescu says:

This I don't believe… everyone has an illness if you listen to doctors. They just need you to think you have a problem.
Stress enough to go get the pills or service they provide!
How much would you pay to get the problem solved?
And if they are so caring why do they charge?
I think we all should be more friendly and nice to eachother. Do what we love. Have positive atitude.
This is life.
You know? There are so many problems in the world. But also many blessings to be thankfull for.
So keep the ballance folks.
In anything you do.

Paynes says:

Very good explanation, very understandable! Thank you! But what is it called if someone is hypomaniac 5-7 days every month and depressed all the other days, and inbetween their "good" days they can be very depressed but only for a few hours? This cannot be cyclothymia, because this person is very hypomaniac but also very depressed with a very heavy feeling in her body and lethargic with a lot of pain during the "bad" days, but has super happy moments in during her "good" days, all the days year after year for many many years, almost all her life?

Laura Lowrance says:

I am working daily to get my mind right, I do like the no sleep of my mania and that’s my favorite part but I realize now after watching your shows that my family doesn’t like my episodes especially the no-sleep mania there isn’t a good part to them except my crash and when I wake up, but now I am on a cocktail of meds I am stable sadly I have insomnia so as much as I want to sleep at normal times I have excepted that I am a night owl, I try to except myself for me that way I can face the issues and over come them. If your using please remember that there’s always hope and it not to late

Sarah Tennyson says:

Thanks much!!!❤️

Aqua Fractalyne says:

I was hypomanic this last Friday. Some guy was tailgating me aggressively when I was friving home in my mom's car. I impulsively started brake checking him and for god knows what reason, I stomped on the brakes and came to a complete stop and he rear ended me. I'm pretty disappointmented in myself tbh. Fortunately, we were driving slowly and he only scraped the bumper lightly, but he took off to get away from me because he would have been in deep shit with his insurance for rear ending me. My fault, though

Erim Ozata says:

People don’t watch these videos. Just go and talk to your shrink.

Steven DuVall says:

I'm positive I suffered from Bipolar II when I was younger, but it was never properly diagnosed. My hypomania would last for months, but I would say it was mostly constructive and positive.
Now I'm 52 and I don't remember being hypomanic for well over a decade. My diagnoses are major depressive disorder, GAD, and panic disorder. Is this a common occurrence as one grows older?

Elaine Couch says:

Can you describe mixed episodes and also rapid and ultra rapid cycling.

Anna M says:

Just want to add, for myself, having insomnia is a major sign of my bipolar. Been like that since my early/late teens..it's also a sign I'm falling into a episode (either/or hypomania or depression)

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