TIE – A Game About Depression

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TIE is a game about depression and how it can effect every day life

Depression and Anxiety are very real and serious issues for many people in the world. If you are going through either, please reach out to someone for help. You are NEVER alone!

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Edited by: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHsjBlPYou_k7FgMKLCo5JA

Outro animation created by Pixlpit:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


Jeremy Romberg says:

Hi Jack! I'm Jeremy Romberg – I worked on the sound and composed the music for the game. I met Tony Nowak (the game developer) in the summer of 2013 when he approached me online and asked if I would be interested in composing the soundtrack for the game. Listening to his idea and looking at the work he was showing me, I was immediately drawn into it and agreed to work with Tony on the project. I decided to have 7 songs that would be associated with every day of the week: and with each passing day I tried to reflect the character's state of mind in the music. If anyone is interested in listening to the rest of the soundtrack, they can listen to it on my bandcamp (search for MeatAnalogue)

Tony and I would just like to point out that you haven't quite reached the end of the game in this playthrough. You've only reached the second day, Tuesday, and have encountered a collision bug which prevents you from carrying through the rest of the level. To pass by it you need to tap on the left movement key a few times to nudge the character past that point. Tony has actually been continuing to iron out some of the bugs that you see in the game like this one, and he'll update the current release once it's ready. For anyone who wants to download the current release of the game, they can do so by following the blogspot link that you posted.

I'm not sure I can put into words how amazed I am by the response that you're getting with this video. This project has been on our minds for several years, and to see how you've given people an avenue to express these feelings which they might not normally feel comfortable or able to express, well, it means a lot to me.

Daisy Grossman says:

Chase we love you❤️

Kiana Nazaire says:

i did not expect jack to act… oh god… jack really is the best

Ku-rai Yuutsu says:

Wait I'm so confused

That one friend says:

This is actually really accurate, and the art is beautiful!

Dark Coffee says:

Now I know why I don't get very hungry that much lately…..

Gabriella Garcia says:

Man this is so dark and also my sister has depression and once she ended up in the hospital so sad

Point B says:

Reminds me of doki doki…

Kerry Delahaye says:

your a dad!

Shade Kendra says:


Phexchen Doe says:

so… yeah, that was chase. the ending, him talking about being a single father of two kids; definetly chase. but be also talked about a friend who is in a coma. maybe he's talking about sean, and his egos are now doing the videos? i feel like there is a bigger story behind all of this. i also picked up some clues about anti during his stories untold playtrough…

Lunablue heart says:

I suffered from depression a little while ago and i didn't eat or sleep and i looked dead and had suicidal thoughts but youtube + family+friends = ALIVE!!

Ginger Warrior says:

Take a shot for every like on the video

Nadia Debruin says:

jack is cool

Heavenson Darkstorm says:

jacksepticeye please play kingdom hearts and kingdom hearts II they are amazing games and I love your vids so please play kingdom hearts and kingdom hearts II I would love to see your reactions

YouRektByRick YT says:

a game about depression.. A.K.A. everyone in highschool xD (and me now… i'm 11)

Actually, I don ́t know yet says:

Honestly the light on jack’s face makes me think of the new Angels in America production on broadway

Marijn van den Brink says:

owh I just want to hug Chase

Melissa Howard says:

Depression for me is sometimes debilitating to where I don't want to get out of bed or eat anything. So this game is somewhat spot on

Memez Hurt says:

I have depression

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