How to enjoy little things in life & be happy? – Self-Improvement & Personality Development Video

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Dare to live life Fully – Little things that makes life Meaningful & Happy – Self-Improvement & Personality Development Video

Make your life more meaningful and happy with this self-improvement and personality development video by Skillopedia. As Niharika brings your this session from the beautiful city Auckland, Newzealand, she highlights the little things in life that makes you happy every single day. Make you life fun and daring to live with by enjoying the small pleasures of life that come our way through small moments everyday. Celebrate small wins and pay gratitude to the people around you. This session would certainly help you enlighten the inner charisma and make your feel happier.

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Skillopedia - Skills for the real world says:

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Maqbool Ahmed says:

wow mom !!!!!

BK the 1 says:

Thanks gorgeous for make my day 😊

Farah Fatima says:

Thank u niharika, u are awesome lady, ful of motivation and energy. 👍
Plzz make more videos on basic english guidance for beginners and new learners and short english terms that we can use in our daily life

Mohan Kashyap says:

Niharika mam excellent video👌, everything is good.

Bharatkumar Mody says:

Yes nice Niharika this topic.
Would you help me out to let me know the meaning of—not take it for granted?
Make me a couple of sentences using this word.

Mohamamed mohamud Abdilatif says:

Very useful lesson neharika

AG Nair says:

You're beautiful!! ❤️

kumar bhaskar says:

Dear sister, your video is not come regularly.

Tejurock Jain says:

I celebrate every first day of month like a new year

senbavalam raja says:

thanks niharika

Rambabu B says:

I like this vedio, we should enjoy little things like watering plants, meet friends. …etc

Tomy Francis says:

The worst part about this channel is that she tells the viewers to comment on these but she is not responding to any comments 😂😂

Please do watch #MKBHD ("The best YouTuber in the planet earth now" according to google CEO) videos to know how to be humble and to get some basic YouTube etiquettes​😜

Sumit Bobade says:

Hi,Niharika mam i am daily basis watch your lesson skillopedia and it's very helpfull to me it,s improving my skills day by day and every day i am becoming more confident & positive.honestly your all lesson completly change view of my life.Thanxs lot spsly u & Team for motivate me.😃👍and please upload more lesson for job rlts personality dev.i ll waiting..

Kamini Devi says:

Ya, whatever you are saying that's a nice one . I will try to do it. Thank you niharika for this video. Because I never thought about it before. We can enjoy a little things in our daily life . Thank You. 👍👍

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