What its Really Like Having Bipolar Disorder (manic Depression)

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Hey, my name is Grace, I am a student, I’m 20 and I struggle with mental illness. Not a lot people really understand what that is like, to live with a mental illness. After consulting a couple friends and debating for about a month, I decide to make a short youtube video just discussing what I go through (brief). This is not meant for sympathy or to raise alarm. There is such a stigma around mental illness and I think it really needs to be addressed. My hope is that someone who felt the way I did, alone, confused, sad, hopeless and basically done with life; will see this video and know they aren’t alone. Millions of people go through this in silence, but I’ve never been good at being quiet.


If you want to hear ore of my story or have any questions leave it in the comments below!
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dee destiny says:

I'm 20 almost 21 been diagnosed with bipolar depression with I was 18. Haven't tried medication. It's so hard to find someone to relate with.

Butler Jp says:

BI polar ..not crazy very intelligent very self aware.. we know more than most about who we are you can win and you lead a good life we are out there and we are all there you are so brave and courageous I wish I could take care away your pain

Ulla Mölder says:

you are so brave to speak about your illness!

Ariana Moxie Loving says:

It's definately not cut and dried for any of us dealing with this difficult condition. I do believe you and your doctors will benefit from working with the well-informed support team at Truehope because they offer unlimited support calls to both doctors and mental health clients. I've been as low as you describe and since taking EMPowerplus not any more. The problem is currently most doctors study just only one required class of nutrition. And nutritionists say 90% of our hormones like serotonin are manufactured in our gut, not our brains. While psych meds are aiming only at the brain, where just 10% of these mood hormones are created. Whereas the TrueHope products are addressing supplying our body with nutrients that allow our gut to create the hormones we need to feel better. May you feel better soon 💖

Ariana Moxie Loving says:

I know how you feel, Grace, and I'm sorry you have to deal with this condition. Have you heard of the all-natural supplement EMPowerplus formulated by Canadian company Truehope? It can be taken with medications and has helped me more than psych meds ever did. Many people are able to reduce or eliminate their psych meds over time with the product and the founders daughter healed her bi-polar condition by using it. I hope you'll find healing also. There's a great support staff to talk to about the product and you can learn more at truehope.com

Louchy Hoochy says:

Hey girl,

I'm a sufferer of Schizoaffective disorder, which is basically a mixture of Paranoid Schizophrenia & Bipolar. Very recently I had a very bad psychotic episode, I have no recollection of any thing that I said, what I saw or did!! Apparently I spoke in 3different languages, one of which was Latin, I also psychically attacked the man I love ( who 3days before spoilt me rotten for our 3rd anniversary) and his brother who at the time were allowing me to stay with them at their apartment while I was in between homes. I ended up arrested & hospitalised. I "woke up" in my underwear in the hospital, I had been restrained & then the nurse told me what I had done, im now homeless as a restraining order has been put in place by my bf brother. I literally lost all my belongings, my pets & also the love of my life all in the blink of my eyes. I haven't got any friends or family either.. I haven't spoken to my bf since this happened 3 weeks ago. Now I'm struggling, I'm severely depressed, it's so devastating to me because it's all just like a bad dream that I can't wake up from.. I feel exactly what you feel everyday, I'm so lost, I cry constantly and honestly don't know how much more I can take..

I wish I was as strong as u, I wish I knew when I was younger i was diagnosed at 30!! I too struggle with people believing me, staying around me or even talking to me. It's a beautiful thing ur family sound so amazing, I really enjoyed listening to you babe, thanks for being so brave..Don't give up, stay beautiful..

Aussie Schizo Pisces 🇦🇺🐠xxx

Pikachu 850 says:

You are very beautiful, please don't cry be happy, always think good and positive things. Don't give a shit to those who let's your mood down. You are a strong girl and definitely there is something, someone awesome in your life waiting for you.

Christine says:

Grace, Hang in there, sweetie. I have a family member with this. She takes Zoloft too, along with a mood stabilizer. The medication has really helped her a lot. Their is hope. You are not alone.

abby nakamurs says:

i hate having this highs and lows… i hate it because inget bullied because of this.. 😭😭😭😭

Elizabeth Dailey says:

I can relate. Keep your head up love. Your self aware so thats a good thing. Well be okay, and forever make plans about moving somewhere lol

Sasha V says:

Yes ppl just say …do sprts..get it together.
Just clean your room.just..all these things are almost impossible to you
.and ppl not unferstanding you its so crushing

Joseph Sharp says:

You are very strong for having the courage to speak up about this disorder Grace. I don't suffer from Bi-polar but I suffer from anxiety and depression so I can relate some what to how you feel

love& peace says:

Im going to kill my self this illness is mf it destroyed my dreams and my whole shit . What are your advices guys?

do no says:

Whats nice is having people that care about you. But when you dont its even worse. So to me theres 2 kind of bi polar individuals alone or not ..

Christy Springman says:

Thank you for having the courage to put this into words. I have been struggling and no one understands what it's like. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tonome Tonome says:


Tonome Tonome says:

I understand … thank you for sharing your thoughts and feeling. May you have the abundance of love , understanding, compassion and peace and tons of positive vibes and encouragement. Remember it's a illness that can be treated if given the opportunity of quality care and consistent monitoring of medication. Believe that brighter days are in your future. ✌😁👍🚩♥🚩

nemesisgenius says:

I know what it's like to have bipolar manic depression. I have had it for 26 years and lost a lot of friends because of my diagnosis. You are not alone. I feel your pain Grace. Hope you are doing well.

alexonxonx says:

Fellow bipolar here. Type I – loved your video. Hang in there. I'm 19 and watching videos on the topic made by people older than me gives me a lot of hope when I feel like I might not last much longer. Sending lots of love to you!

Stacey’s Realm says:

Get off pharma!!!

greg davidson says:

I stress i'm not a doctor but be careful with the zoloft. SSRI anti-depressants, such as zoloft, are notorious for triggering mania and exacerbating mood swings in those with bipolar. As such, SSRI's are seldom used by psychiatrists once a bipolar diagnosis is made unless there is significant mood stabilizer protection in place, which you don't appear to have. Perhaps look at having the SSRI use reviewed by a psychiatrist. Wishing you all the best with it!

Melanin_Becky says:

Great video. I have a loved one who suffers from the same disorders as you. Because of your video I have a better understanding of this loved one. You are strong, brave and courageous. You are a daily survivor. Thank you!

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