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Self-Improvement — Today, we’re going to be talking about self-improvement and a really simple tip that can bring a lot of awareness to exactly where your self-improvement needs to be heightened and ultimately will guarantee your success.

My awareness was brought to this subject by a yoga teacher named Tom Kelly who owns the Soul of Yoga in Antoninos, California. At one of their spiritual discussions, they brought up this topic and it really resonated with me and so, I had to get it out there to you all.

What they discussed is the fact that if something triggers you, if something causes you a REACTION, if something causes you to feel bad inside, annoyed, frustrated, angry, offended, or any of those things, if something does that, it means that you have a resonant frequency inside you. It means that you have an emotional pain or blockage around that subject.

What I mean is this. If I were to call you a thief — most of you are probably not thieves, so I would use that as an example.

“Hey, you’re a thief!”

You would probably think:

“Oh, OK.”

It wouldn’t bother you at all.

But now let’s say you had some sort of bad habit and I called you out on it and say:

“Hey, that’s a really bad habit you have there.”

You would probably think:

“Whatever! It’s not that big of a deal!”

The difference is that when I called you a thief, you had NO emotional blockage around that thing. You had NO internal baggage around that topic and so, there was NO reaction.

But when I called you on one of your bad habits, you had an internal blockage about this. You had a bit of emotional work or healing, or some self-discovery or self-improvement that needs to go on around that topic, and so you had a negative egoic reaction.

My advice in this video is to take this awareness and apply it to your self-development practice. Use it to get PINPOINT accuracy on where you need to work by poking at yourself and see where the reaction lies.

Where do you get offended? Where do you feel the need to defend yourself? Where do you feel angry or frustrated as a result of something that somebody says?

That’s exactly where you want to put your work, effort, and attention. That’s what will guarantee your success, if you make a commitment to always dive straight into the heart of the beast, so to speak — the heart of darkness.

Go straight into your BIGGEST problems, your most reactive and annoyed feelings and you are going to find that your GREATEST growth lies directly in there.

I hope this has brought some awareness to you. If you feel like you have a new awareness that you would like to share, something that you see or something that you would love to work on and you want to share it, start the process of working on that blockage by sharing it below this video.

The first step in releasing something is getting it out there, making the acknowledgment of it, and making the decision to work on it.

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Noah Hammond


John Far says:

I feel many of us act confident but in reality are faking it and are not comfortable with our relations with the outside world.  I think it is great to start within ourselves to avoid being defensive so we can progress as people. These are great videos but I have also almost finished a great book called The Paradox of Choice which I recommend highly. 

eggs for fun says:

i let people fuck with me to much because im always trying to be nice to them basically im a pushover

Danielle Rawls says:

This definitely helped, thank you!

Jayarea5 says:

You remind me of country singer billy currington!

karen BARRIE says:

Thank you, this is so true!

SN4ify says:

he can't tell you how to exactly deal with it you have to find the answer out your self, every body has different problems

nilharma says:

Just go ahead and watch his other videos and he'll tell you how ! He's amazing and so are you! 🙂

Michael Forrest says:

yeah, you say "work on it" and then end the video without telling how.

José Ramón Pepino Ojeda Martín says:

I have fear of being publicly ridiculed, of being discovered doing something wrong… and perhaps the worse… I get very angry when people corrects me. I feel that all my chances drop to the ground with these know-it-all'ish talks.

I'm a scallywag myself, and being called like that may not be so offensive to me, but being called "kid" or "immature" or being rejected, are triggers for my anger. Thanks for the awareness.

Jennifer Kirr says:

I have a fear of a men not accepting me for who I am with the good and bad faults. I also can't read men's true intentions for me. Also a body image issues and weigh issues.

mvdragon91 says:

haha thanks brother. I am in a much better place now.. I was being reactive to my enlivenment which was just bringing me down as well as just affecting me in my love life. I still don't have anyone but its 10x easier to approach anybody just because i am more happy and more confident in general.

Jay D says:

Perhaps the problem is much deeper my friend. Maybe it could be a character flaw or something or your past experience is holding you back. Invest in some time and find the solution. It will take some time but you can do it. Let me know when you get a spouse. 🙂

MissVelvetElle says:

When women, children are harmed, I never hear a social commentary about what element of society is contributing to this-SEXISM! So being upset by this means…? Shouldn't we be moved to act and speak about injustice?

MissVelvetElle says:

When someone is killed bc of race or if they are a homosexual, there immediately begins (and rightfully so) a social commentary about what elements of society are contributing to this and how to heal it.

MissVelvetElle says:

Seeing/hearing sexism hurts. When I hear music that is degrading to women, when I see so much sexism in tv/movies/Internet/YouTube comments, it really bothers me. So many women and children are beaten/raped/killed because of pervasive sexism around the world.

mvdragon91 says:

I get annoyed and frustrated on my love life. It's nonexistent. I've been working on it I've been doing day/night game and using your advice from Kurt Spelling. idk I've been losing motivation and getting depressed. what do I do?

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