How To Avoid the Most Common Self Improvement TRAPS

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Self Improvement is really intended to be a ‘spark’, however thanks to consumerism, for most people self-improvement ends up being a very misguided negative feedback loop. In this video I share my personal experiences, all of the ‘traps’ I’ve identified, and how to avoid them.

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In my videos I talk a lot about philosophy, energy, ketogenic diet, efficiency, finding and addressing root problems instead of symptoms, etc
– I think everyone is different and what works for me may not work for you and there is no one way to do anything.
– I’m not doing this for money (this actually costs me a ton of money)
– this is a pure passion play, so that means I can just be honest and authentic 🙂

My goal is to massively, positively affect change in the world, and I think a goal like that has to start with self-mastery, which is what I’m working on right now, and hopefully succeeding in communicating in an interesting / addicting way through this vlog.


Jainer Julio says:

It's been a couple of years since I started this whole spiritual-self-improvement journey and I can tell you I felt completely related to this. Great channel, you got a new subscriber from Barranquilla 🇨🇴

Damian Demasi says:

Interesting insight. Thank you for this! Keep up the good work man!

Ali Bastami says:

I've been on YouTube since 2009, This is the first time ever I click on a video of someone promoting his channel then I really subscribe to it. You are a great person and I'm really glad that YouTube algorithms suggested your content to me 😊 You have a new subscriber, Keep up the good work!

Ulzii Dorjkhand says:

Hey bro just that's cool! Keep it up 😉

The Gurenpa says:

Great. I've stumbled upon this on an ad and your channel is great.

100s of Kiny says:

These are great points. You need to stop using filler words. Umm aa

Connect to Soul says:

Thank you for all of your sustained insight, imagination and education and learning to back-up my journey to turning out to be more consciously perceptive combined with spiritually connected.

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