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Before I get into bipolar disorder in women, let me say that bipolar disorder is challenging regardless of gender. However, both sides face different obstacles.

As a woman with bipolar disorder, I find emotional extremes are emphasized, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms are intensified to the point of debilitation, and there are stereotypes we deal with when it comes to relationships and life in general.

In this video, I share my experience as a woman with bipolar 2 disorder and go further into detail about the challenges we face.

I am hoping that this will inspire some men with bipolar to do a response video about the challenges they face. In society, we view men who deal with mental illness as weak, which keeps many of them from receiving treatment. I believe the community would like to hear a male perspective about these issues.

What are the challenges you face as a woman or man with bipolar disorder? Share your experience in the comment section or do a response video and send it into See you next week! Hannah

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Xoxofmw says:

I do think that women get more of a “bad rap” with regard to our emotions than men do. Many people, more so men, will overgeneralize about how out of control we women are with our emotions already so when you add in being bipolar , nobody wants to touch that.

makesmesmile says:

YES!! Depressed, crying nonstop during PMS. Just push through…

Angela Barrera says:

I suffer from PMDD which is alot worse than just regular PMS. And it is debilitating a week before my period starts. I cry for days. I don't eat. I isolate more. It is awful.

stacey chance says:

Idk what it’s like for men, I don’t want to discredit their feelings. But YES to all. My PMS makes me want to break up with whoever I’m with. Stop being friends with my friends. Get a new therapist.Then when my period comes poof 💨, I don’t feel that way about any of it. 😂 So I’ve learned to just avoid my partner and not take any action, but it’s hard.
I sleep 13 hours I can’t get out of bed, crying the whole world feels completely different, but it feels so real to me. Miss work, I even annoy myself, there is no escape 😂

C. C. says:

Yep, yep, yep, and yep. A big 'ol YEP to all of them. Sad, isn't it?

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