Bipolar Disorder vs Depression – 5 Signs You’re Likely Bipolar

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Bipolar disorder vs. depression? It’s not always easy to tell. The symptoms of bipolar disorder include depression symptoms. So you may wonder, am I depressed or bipolar? Many people will be diagnosed with depression for years before they have a manic or hypomanic episode, which is the main sign that you have bipolar disorder vs depression. In this video I give you 5 signs that your depression is more likely part of bipolar disorder and not unipolar depression.

Aiken, Chris B. et al. The Bipolarity index: a clinician-rated measure of diagnostic confidence. Journal of Affective Disorders , Volume 177 , 59 – 64

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Ember2460 Harrington says:

Also if I may, psych drugs are Soooo toxic. ie: Tardive Dyskinesia Renal Failure. Akathesia (spelling sorry) Agranulocytosis Obesity Diabeties. What about Allll that?

Ember2460 Harrington says:

How do you tell the difference between "Normal" cycling and BP disorder? Especially if its BP 2 which is not as extreme and is not drastic?

Glanda Nelson says:

We need to educate ourselves more on this thanks for sharing.

Min Shubay says:

What does "depressive episodes" mean? Does it have to be really bad like attempting/seriously thinking suicide? Or does crying so much (because everything seems to go wrong and you're mentally and emotionally and even physically tired of it all) counts? Or anhedonia? Does that count as a depressive episode? Because those mentioned happen for days/weeks/months then I'll be okay then I'll experience them again then be okay again and so on. And if all those mentioned are counted as depressive episodes, I probably have more or less 10 episodes a year.

Corey Watson says:

Can manic episodes qualify as explosive anger and outbursts over small unnecessary things?

jikarpert says:

Great video!
I'm 21 and currently going through an psychiatric investigation (Or whatever you call it) for bipolar. I've been depressed since the age of 15/16, but at november of 2017 I had two weeks of super good mood, I was feeling great and played guitar for atleast 16 hours a day, talked a lot, my mind was fast et c. I've also been taking a few different types of anti-depressant. None has worked, so thats why we're checking if its bipolar. I'm pretty sure I have bipolar type 2, since my depression is what's keeping me from living a normal life, and I had those two weeks of most symptoms of bipolar type 2!

Henry Larson says:

Wow, alsawy fantastic videos Dr. Marks. Your lighting and sound effects and graphics seem much better in this video. Keep the good work up, your channel is definitely going to grow.

Bandit says:

When doing intake or follow up client interviews, how deep do you dig into socio-economic and cultural background? I feel like some diagnosed with bi-polar and manic depression disorder issues…when I watch their lives, it seems their depression is caused by so called self inflicted wounds (poor spending habits, lack of work ethic…). I wonder how successful a staff of monitors would be if we used frequent counseling/face to face meetings to discuss not only their mental health, but their lifestyle issues as well. I sure wish science would map the brain so we could just take a look and tell what disorder a client is dealing with!

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