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HOw to act as if and become a higher version of yourself using the law of attraction. Public speaking classes that are FREE & Life hacks for self improvement and personal growth. Manifest the life you want.

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Jude Barrera says:

This is great stuff Marjan! I remember studying this in a psychoanalytics training course. It's definitely one of the best ways to bridge the gap between who you are and who you want to be. In the psychology world it's called the zone of proximal development and is certainly one of the easiest ways to trick your mind into getting outside your comfort zone for personal development. I love hearing and talking about this stuff, keep it coming! I'd also like to hear more about your experience with meditation

i3i2i4N says:

2 for 1 special x

00 7 says:

great advice whats up with fitness ad intermitten fasting?

Redd Kuma says:


Urushi says:

Thank you so much for this Marjan ♥️

Jeb Bush says:

Hey what really happen between you and daym drops??? Saw y’all all the time and love the vids. Do you still talk to him?

Udiweke Okarianga says:

I see you more measured and calculative in your presentations. I now understand the directions you decided to take after watching the video. Kudos!!

Edwards jr says:

Yep but I help lot people

rosejacklyn says:

Hi Marjan, I’ve always loved these kind of videos of you the most. That is for your advice. Would love to hear more. Thank you.

David Leoncavallo says:

Great job Marjan!! Very inspirational, you are doing it! Your dreams are your reality!

Jimi Buttler says:

Your word is bond Marjan!!!

kingtazyc1 says:

🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 great video

Sera Hernandez says:

Great video. Very informative and I also believe everything begins by changing our mindset. I’ve also been reading self help books and starting to read books about how our mind works. Keep the videos coming 😊

Brown Buffalo says:

🙌🙌Waoo really love your videos and your energy is a person🙏🙏, I wish you good luck on your new Journey marjan, thank you for taking time off in your life to make this videos ,Thank you for sharing your journey with us thank you so much!!!!!!!Go Girl…..

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