Why Neffe Refuses to Take Medication for Her Bipolar Disorder | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

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After returning home from her first appearance on “Iyanla: Fix My Life,” Neffe says she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and given medication to treat her condition. However, the mom of five also says she felt like “a walking zombie” on the meds and stopped taking them altogether, prompting Iyanla to give her a reality check about mental health. For more on #FIXMYLIFE, visit http://bit.ly/1pqTI5s

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Neffe on Why She Refuses to Take Meds for Her Bipolar Disorder | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN


Naka says:

Most of these medications for people with mental issues actually makes them worse. I agree that help needs to be sought if you’re unstable however unless you’ve ever had an addiction and overcame it or is working towards overcoming one then you don’t understand how difficult it is to be free of something only to feel like you’re becoming a prisoner of something else. The pharmaceutical business is one of the most corrupt business of them all, these meds at times serve no true benefit to the patient and there is no hurry to make a change in that department they just keep funneling more drugs day by day and continue to make a profit off people.

Kimberly Oboubi says:

Jesus is the only answer she needs deliverance no natural drug therapy are anything else is going to work .She has no peace an joy in her spirit the only answer is turn from her wicked ways go before Jesus an confess all sins an Jesus will heal her .Her soul is suffering.Only the Holy Spirit can give you that enter peace He did it for me an he can do it for her another’s ❤️🙏 pray that she will turn to the lord ❤️

Leslie Boozer says:

So all the trash she talked the 1st time she is back on there.  FOOLISHNESS!!


She needs HELLPPPPP!!!! lord please find a regimen for her even if it means drugging her food😒

Em Jay says:

Those bipolar meds are no joke.

Marion Hyllam says:

I do also believe medication can help some people but there are no so nice side effects. Long term can do damage. Im a believer in natural remedies… It's also about loving yourself. Which means if you are in a toxic situation or relationship. It maybe time to think is it worth you health of losing your peace, joy, happiness.. I have had to cut off certain situations, people. Or handle things where I'm not going to tolerate any one's drama at my expense… This will be interesting to watch lol 😊

Kay Johnson says:

She needs something

Fredy James says:

Hi read my article & support me on patreon.


Jasmin Bush says:

Empathy? 🤔

DW DW says:

Guttersnipe right up out the hood

Tessie Dobey says:

I kept working my meds also, come to find out the dosage was to high and a healthier lifestyle, things fell into place.

Turina Choudhry says:

You can't depend on there pills. The meds make you more crazy. Because they don't know the right meds to put you on. I agree with this lady.

Ratchet Central says:

Oh hell Naw lort smh this girl

cushe83 says:

Everybody commenting telling neffe she's right knows what they're taking about but didn't know what they're talking about

Malachi Ben Yisrael says:

The mind is a muscle?

Nyakaat says:

Did Neffe get worse from the last time we saw her?

Being Fire says:

Iyanla encouraging her to take meds because "you ask for help and that's what they told you" nah, Neffe get 2nd and 3rd opinions. Research natural ways to treat bipolar disorder.

And, I don't get why they are back on the show when other people need help. But, it's iffy whether Iyanla really helps the people who go on that show.

They should do updates to show the audience what past guests say and how they're doing.

Dominique Speaks says:

Iyanla doesn’t fancy her. I applaud Nefee for coming back to her show after she called her a gutter snipe

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