Sarah Silverman on Battling Depression

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The talented actress and comedian discussed the more serious side of her life.


Brian Clark says:

This depression treatment “fetching kafon press” (Google it) truly aided me pull myself out of a black hole several months ago. I was jobless on crutches in a foreign country residing in a shoebox with a busted heart. But I`m a totally different person now, joyful and very comfortable in life.

Richelle Granados says:

Song for Healing depression 🙂❤️:

mandy says:

Her definition is perfect, is what i feel sometimes…

ThousandYard BearStare says:

the thing about both of them is their wrists. how strong are their wrists…compared to…their breasts…..

James West says:

Sarah was a class clown. Whoa… mind blown.

Wendy 73541 says:

Before I found out I had depression I thought hating myself was normal and wanting to die was just a weird thing of me and idk I guess it’s good that I know am not ok and it’s ok to feel that way I just grew up thinking I was this weird crazy kid who stop eating because I got picky on what I ate

Lisa Johnson says:

But what she described isn’t depression to me. She’s right: we are all alone and everyone is hurting. In some way. We all come to that realization at some point in life. That doesn’t make you depressed, it means you’re a realist.

Wolf says:

destroying families and abandoning God is the recipe for depression

Robin Colarusso says:

love how open she was, it's always refreshing to see a celebrity's real side. And maybe this can help some of you out there also struggling with depression and/or anxiety, but i have dealt with it for about 8 years now. I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression and was always against medication, even though that was always pushed on me. finally after about six years of feeling like nothing and putting myself into a complete dark hole, i took medication. this lasted for about 6 months and it helped a lot before it made the problem absolutely worse. i then searched for months every day for a natural remedy. and i found something call "Inositol" which is vitamin b8. i didn't think it would work because i have tried tons of different natural remedies and nothing worked but inositol did. I have been taking it now for 8 months and finally feel a sense of stability in my life that i've never felt before. so if you are looking for an answer this could maybe help you as well.

Brooke G says:

We are alone behind our eyes I have thought about that like we are alone etc

ladybugmerringue says:

I almost cant believe how identical my experiences and definitions were.

anacionqtfixo says:

"Zolac is used to treat certain conditions caused by a hormone imbalance in which there is too much prolactin in the blood (hyperprolactinemia)"

Mia fio says:

I don't like Sarah Silverman but I have a newfound respect for her to coming out on a most serious subject such as Depression. I too wish this would be talked about One- on- one, and more often on TV, but in the way that she has. When Ms Silverman used the word 'paralyzed' with depression I couldn't believe that that was the 1st time I've ever heard someone use that term to explain it, 'because…' that IS the Exact feeling it is, that I get. There was only One time that I told a close friend that I felt 'crippled,' and for me that was my Only way to describe it. But altho the same, for some reason, Paralyzed describes it Best. I will also say that hearing her story and reading some of these comments about others who suffer with depression, at least makes me feel Much Less Alone which, IS a Big Deal. It also kind of helps me to feel that I'm Not going crazy after all, that it's Not just Me, and that it IS So Real. Really glad and even grateful that I stopped and watched this! Thanks Ellen, and Tks Sarah

GoingHome says:

It's normal to be homesick because we're not home.

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